La Casa de Papel: this huge twist was suggested by Berlin and the Professor – News TV Series

La Casa de Papel: this huge twist was suggested by Berlin and the Professor – News TV Series

While we thought we knew everything about “La Casa de Papel”, the Spanish hit of Netflix, Álvaro Morte revealed during an interview to have suggested with Pedro Alonso one of the biggest revelations of the series to the writers.


The Casa de Papel has obviously not yet revealed all of its secrets. While a documentary, put online on April 3 on Netflix, at the same time as season 4, we learned in particular that Berlin had almost never existed and that the writing of the last two seasons was partly done in Over the course of the shoot, Álvaro Morte recently made a revelation about one of the biggest twists in the series which will not fail to disturb the fans.

Asked by the site Identity, the Professor’s interpreter went back on his collaboration with Pedro Alonso, alias Berlin, and confided that the relationship between the two characters, revealed during season 3, was in fact their idea for both of them and did not visibly make not part of the initial plan of Álex Pina, the creator of La Casa de Papel. “It was our idea that they were brothers because that is how we played it on the set, as if we were brothers”, explains the Spanish actor. “[Les scénaristes] so had to incorporate it into the story because that’s what we wanted to go to [Pedro et moi]”. Suspected by fans of the series from the first two seasons, the secret link between Berlin and Sergio could have never appeared in the scripts and never be revealed in the open during the third season if Álvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso did had not expressed their desire to see their characters be brothers. And La Casa de Papel would then have been deprived of one of its biggest twists.

But what is certain is that this revelation makes us wonder what the series would have looked like, beyond season 1, if the writers had not decided to make Berlin the brother of the Professor. Because the common past of the characters and the brotherly love which unites them, despite not always simple relationships, play a very important role in the motivations of the Professor and in the execution of his plans throughout the four bursts of episodes which currently make up La Casa de Papel.

The trailer for season 4 of La Casa de Papel:

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