La Casa de Papel on Netflix: why Nairobi had to die before season 5

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His death saddened thousands of fans, but according to the showrunner of the series Alex Pina, Nairobi would not have integrated into season 5 of La Casa de Papel (Netflix), which will be the last.

Season 4 of La Casa de Papel will have marked the spirits, with the death of one of the favorite characters of the fanbase: Nairobi. Remember, the young woman played by the awesome Alba Flores got tricked by Alicia Sierra, who used her son to make her more vulnerable. She was shot and quickly succumbed to her injuries, much to the chagrin of her friends. But his disappearance will have had the “advantage” of re-motivating the troops and giving them a new lease of life, while the assault will be launched against them in season 5.

An inevitable death …

Showrunner Alex Pina revealed to TeleLeasures why it didn’t make sense to see Nairobi in the final season: “In a way, Nairobi was kind of the heart of the gang. And I think Nairobi would have struggled to find its place in this last season, which is one of direct confrontation. Nairobi has always been special, someone who is not cut out for face-to-face confrontation. But his example will inspire others, that’s for sure. ”. It is true that our expert in counterfeit banknotes, who has always fought against patriarchy, preferred to stay away from the fighting to carry out the mission.

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Will Nairobi be back in season 5?

Back in season 5?

It remains to be seen if Alba Flores will be back in Season 5, the first part of which will be uploaded on September 3 on Netflix. If we are to believe IMDB, the young woman is currently credited on the first episode. One can imagine that Nairobi will make an appearance in the form of flashbacks, much like the character from Berlin.

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