La Casa de Papel on Netflix: Gandia injured, Denver singer, Alicia’s prosthesis … 5 …

Netflix released at the same time as season 5 part 1 of La Casa de Papel the first episode of a documentary that takes us behind the scenes of the Spanish series. We drew 5 unusual pieces of information.

Actors don’t like shooting action scenes

War is declared in the final season of La Casa de Papel. Our favorite robbers are cornered and must attack head-on in the hope of getting away with it. The first part in 5 episodes that Netflix has already put online, is a real show with explosions of all kinds, as well as fight scenes that gave the actors a hard time.

In the documentary, Miguel Herran (Rio), Ursula Corbero (Tokyo) and Jaime Lorente (Denver) explain to us that they did not at all appreciate shooting the action scenes, which they found repetitive. “Creatively, we find it a little frustratingt “explains the actress while the first is more direct”I hate the action. I can’t stand it. “. The last, covered with dust and fake blood, tells us about” jendless bear” shooting.

For example, the scene where Arturo has fun setting the robbers on fire took no less than 2 weeks of filming …

Gandia injured on the set

Actors who hurt themselves on a shoot, unfortunately it happens. But in the case of José Manuel Poga (Gandia), this is just an anecdote. In the documentary, the actor returns to the fight scene that opposes him in season 4 in Bogota, played by the former boxing champion Hovik Keuchkerian.

Even if the two actors prepared themselves upstream, in particular by working on a very precise choreography, no one from the team could have foreseen that the interpreter from Bogota was going to make the mistake between the dummy knife and the real model and that he was going to accidentally injure his sidekick in the shoulder. Results ? José Manuel Poga comes out with a few stitches (which can be seen in the series) and a memory to share with his children.

A life-size prosthesis for childbirth

If season 5 of La Casa de Papel is placed under the sign of tension and farewell, with in particular the death of Tokyo, the writers have once again wanted to bring a touch of humor and lightness. So we attended Alicia Sierra’s WTF birth.

Phone stuck to a ruler, the young woman is determined to welcome this baby on her own. For even more realism, the teams decided to design a life-size vulva prosthesis, which can be seen quickly during the said scene.

Najwa Nimri also revealed that the filming of her childbirth lasted 8 hours during which she only screamed in pain …

La casa de papel on netflix: gandia injured, denver singer, alicia's prosthesis... 5...


From Chucky to La Casa de Papel.

A scary baby

Have a baby on set to film the birth scene? It was the choice of the production, which unfortunately could not be granted. The teams had to use a silicone and animatronic doll that moves especially in the eyes and in the mouth.

What to scare the actors – Luka Peros (Marseille) in the lead – who did not fail to compare her to Chucky. Despite a few touches of makeup to look like a real baby at birth, the doll is indeed scary …

Jaime Lorente gives voice

You might have missed the info, like us. It’s Jaime Lorente who sings at the end of the first episode of the documentary. He performs the title “Corazon”, which he released post-containment in November 2020 and which he associates with La Casa de Papel: “I was listening to the song at home and that was exactly what was happening. It fit perfectly. It was sincere. Subconsciously everything that happened with my character was expressed in there“.

The Spanish actor also took advantage of the launch of the last season to unveil a new composition.

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