La Casa de Papel: in which films and series will we soon see the actors? – News Series

La Casa de Papel: in which films and series will we soon see the actors? – News Series

Have you finished season 4 of “La Casa de Papel” on Netflix and already want to see the actors in other films and series? While waiting for a possible season 5, we take stock of the projects of Úrsula Corberó, Jaime Lorente, and the others.


While season 4 of La Casa de Papel, the Spanish phenomenon Netflix, has been online since April 3, the streaming platform and creator Álex Pina have still not spoken about a possible season 5. But while waiting to potentially find Tokyo, Rio, Denver, the Professor, and the rest of the band for a new chapter in the robbery of the Bank of Spain, the comedians of the series are not idle and fans will soon find them many films and series. The opportunity to take stock of all these upcoming projects …

Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo)

Revealed by the Physics or Chemistry teen series (broadcast in France on NRJ12 a few years ago), Úrsula Corberó has become a real star thanks to La Casa de Papel, in which she plays Tokyo. A role of badass heroine which certainly allowed her to catch the eye of the producers of the film Snake Eyes, spin-off of GI Joe worn by Henry Golding (Last Christmas) in the role of the fearsome ninja dressed in black from franchise, the theatrical release of which is currently scheduled for October. Úrsula Corberó will play La Baronne, a villain of the G.I. Joe universe who already appeared in Le Réveil de Cobra as Sienna Miller, and will make his first steps in Hollywood with a blockbuster already eagerly awaited. Just that.

Álvaro Morte (The Professor)

While waiting to find the Professor in a possible season 5, Álvaro Morte multiplies the projects on the small screen. He will soon be in the casting for the serial adaptation for Amazon Prime of The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan’s successful literary saga which takes place in a fantasy world where magic exists but can only be used by women. And we will also soon find it on one of the TF1 group’s channels in The Pier, another creation by Álex Pina, the thinking head of La Casa de Papel, whose season 2 was recently broadcast in Spain. A thriller-style drama centered on a woman who discovers that her husband, who has committed suicide, leads a double life with another woman, with whom he has had a child, and decides to get closer to the latter.

Itziar Ituño (Lisbon)

In the credits of the thriller The Silence of the White City, available for a few months on Netflix, Itziar Ituño, the interpreter of Raquel / Lisbon, has recently shot several films which will soon be released in Spain including Nora de Lara Izagirre and the fantastic tale Todas las lunas, which takes place during the last Carlist war and sees a woman with mysterious powers come to the aid of a young orphan.

Pedro Alonso (Berlin)

Good news for Pedro Alonso fans: you can find the interpreter from Berlin in the feature film The Silence of the Swamp from April 22 on Netflix. In this crime thriller, Alonso plays a journalist who has become a successful crime writer who, while researching corruption for his next book, discovers links between the local mafia and politicians, and finds himself involved in a case. of abduction.

Jaime Lorente (Denver)

A darling of fans of La Casa de Papel and Elite, the two big Spanish successes of Netflix, Jaime Lorente will soon be infidelities on the platform since he landed the main role of the series El Cid which will be broadcast on Amazon Prime. Presented as “the most important historical series ever shot in Spain”, this fresco will focus on the life of the Christian mercenary knight Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, known as El Cid Campeador, revolutionary of the Reconquista to which Jaime Lorente will lend his features. A role a thousand miles from Denver that will allow Prime Video subscribers to learn more about this little-known historical figure, who nevertheless inspired The Cid of Corneille. And this series will also be the occasion for Jaime Lorente to find his comrade Álvaro Rico, alias Polo in Elite, who also appears in the casting.

As for films, Gun City, which he shot in 2018, will arrive on May 1 in France on Netflix. And the change of atmosphere with La Casa de Papel will again be radical since this thriller takes place in Spain in the 1920s and tells the story of an agent who tries to find out who stole weapons and avoid a civil war while police and anarchists clash in Barcelona.

Miguel Herran (Rio)

Revealed by La Casa de Papel, Miguel Herran, 23, shot a feature film called Hasta el cielo last year. In this thriller which does not yet have a release date in France, he plays Ángel, a young magnetic man who during an evening in a nightclub meets Estrella who will encourage him to join a group of thugs watched by the Madrid police. Ángel quickly climbs the ladder of his new dark environment in a spiral made of thefts and excesses of all kinds. But the harder will be the fall because a police inspector is determined to put an end to his actions.

Alba Flores (Nairobi)

Not much to report on the side of Alba Flores, whose character Nairobi will have marked the first four seasons of La Casa de Papel, except for the resumption of his role as Saray for an episode of the spin- off from the series Behind bars which will be launched on April 20 in Spain.

Esther Acebo (Stockholm)

Esther Acebo recently shot some short films and last year held one of the main roles in the Spanish series Antes de perder, centered on two young women who are embarking on a Bonnie & Clyde trip, which we hope be able to discover soon in France.

Najwa Nimri (Alicia Sierra)

Before playing Alicia in La Casa de Papel, Najwa Nimri was one of the heroines of the prison series Derrière les barreaux (Vis a vis), which was recently adapted in France under the title Trapped with Elodie Fontan and Manon Azem. She then embodied the fearsome Zulema and will resume this role in a few days in Spain in a spin-off, Vis a vis: El Oasis, which will be interested in the life of Zulema and Macarena (Maggie Civantos) after their escape. With this time at the heart of the intrigue a story … of robbery!

Darko Peric (Helsinki)

The Helsinki interpreter, who will be playing in Spain at the end of April of the film El Cerro de los Dioses, recently told us in interview that he has a film project in France, currently in the pre-production phase: “I have received proposals from European and American studios. [La Casa de Papel] open doors, for sure. I’ve always said that French cinema is the best in Europe. It’s therefore an honor for me to film in France. At the moment I can’t tell you anything [sur ce projet de film] except that it will be shot entirely in French. I understand the language, I speak it a little bit, but I need a few weeks of coaching to get there. It’s a real challenge “. Mystery therefore for the moment on the synopsis or the casting of this film in which we can find Darko Peric, but we will obviously keep you informed.

The trailer for season 4 of La Casa de Papel:

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