La Casa de Papel: all the notable deaths of the Netflix series

In 5 games, the La Casa de Papel robbers suffered heavy and shocking losses before the final outcome. Find all the notable deaths from the Spanish Netflix series. Warning, spoilers.

Warning, spoilers. It is advisable to have seen the entirety of La Casa de Papel before continuing to read this article.

In two large-scale hold-ups, between the National Currency and Stamp Factory and the Bank of Spain, the robbers of La Casa de Papel had a cold sweat and suffered many setbacks despite the professor’s millimeter plans. (Álvaro Morte).

Until the end, the criminals held their own against the police but they could not avoid the loss of some of them. While the final episodes of the Spanish series have been posted on Netflix, we take a look at the memorable deaths of La Casa de Papel.

Oslo (Roberto García)

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Oslo (Roberto García) is the first robber to pass the gun to the left in La Casa de Papel. In the penultimate episode of part 1, Helsinki’s cousin (Darko Peric) is violently knocked out by a metal bar in the chaos of the escape of some hostages. This blow leaves him in a vegetative state. So that he passes away with dignity and out of respect for their agreement, Helsinki ends the days of Oslo by suffocating him with a pillow, in the first episode of part 2, and subsequently performs a farewell ceremony moving.

Moscow (Paco Tous)

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It is Denver’s father (Jaime Lorente) who, shortly after Oslo’s death, also dies in a moment of chaos. In episode 6 of part 2, when Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) makes a crashing return to the national coin and stamp factory after being thrown from the establishment and thrown to the police by Berlin (Pedro Alonso ), Moscow (Paco Tous) goes out onto the square to protect it before entering the factory. But the latter was hit by a sniper’s bullet and later died of his injuries.

Berlin (Pedro Alonso)

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Throughout the hold-up of the national coin and stamp factory, Berlin (Pedro alonso) repeatedly endangered the robbers by taking command of the force and standing up to some of his companions, especially the women. In the last episode of part 2, he will block the police until the end until he sacrifices himself so that the rest of the group can get out and join the Professor (Álvaro Morte). But he drags Ariadna, one of the hostages he had manipulated and raped, into his fall.

Nairobi (Alba Flores)

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While she had just been rescued from the sneak attack by Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) and healed from her gunshot wounds, Nairobi (Alba Flores) was tricked by Gandia (José Manuel Poga), the antagonist of part 4 of La Casa de Papel. This highly trained security agent from the Bank of Spain succeeds in attacking the gang and in particular in Nairobi, which he kills with a bullet in the head in front of the others in episode 6 of part 4.

Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó)

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In episode 5 of part 5, it’s the robber Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) who tragically disappears from the famous gang. Shot after the assault on Gandia and her army men in the Bank of Spain, the young woman is trapped and sacrifices herself to avoid the death of her companions. And as the last episodes of the series reveal, Tokyo has trained the dreaded Gandia (José Manuel Poga) in its fall.

All the others (or not)

Screenshot / Netflix

This is the ultimate twist of the last episodes of La Casa de Papel. After a tense face to face between the Professor and Colonel Tamayo (Fernando Cayo), shots ring out in the bank and the representative of the order announces live on television that all the robbers are dead. This is in fact a final masterstroke from the Professor, who blackmailed the Colonel. In exchange for their lives safe and hidden from the world, the robbers will not reveal that they have replaced the gold in the bank’s vaults with brass bricks. For his part, the Colonel protects the interests of the country and hides a huge state scandal by passing off the robbers for dead and claiming to have found the stolen gold.

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