La Bûche on France 2 at 2 p.m .: 3 other choral films by Danièle Thompson to prolong the pleasure – Film News

La Bûche on France 2 at 2 p.m .: 3 other choral films by Danièle Thompson to prolong the pleasure – Film News


La Bûche, Danièle Thompson’s first feature film, is broadcast this afternoon. To prolong the pleasure, we recommend 3 other choral films staged by the daughter of the famous Gérard Oury.

After having contributed to the success of his father’s films, Gérard Oury, by participating in the script for La Grande vadrouille or Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob, Danièle Thompson became emancipated by becoming herself a director in 1999. With La Bûche, the artist transports us to the period of Christmas, a party that is both delicious and pernicious. This celebration marks the hour of truth for three sisters, Louba the singer, Sonia the bourgeois, Milla the rebel. For their parents too, Stanislas, a retired gypsy violinist and Yvette, the very recent widow of her second husband.

This film is part of the tradition of the choral film, following several characters and their misadventures during a determined period. The director surrounds herself with a very nice cast composed of Sabine Azéma, Emmanuelle Béart, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Claude Rich, François Fabian, Jean-Pierre Darroussin and Isabelle Carré. La Bûche will be a great success, bringing together 1.6 million spectators in theaters. Danièle Thompson will continue her momentum by offering other choral films that we recommend to you.


After a new success in 2002 with the romantic comedy Décalage heure (1 million admissions), Danièle Thompson returns to the choral film with Orchestra seats (2006). We follow une popular actress dreaming of intimate cinema, a gifted pianist who dreams of playing in front of an ignorant and naive audience, a collector who sells in one evening all the work of her life, a young provincial who tries her luck in Paris, because her great mother said to him: “I couldn’t afford to live in luxury, so I decided to work there.” All these characters and their companions will meet and meet for an evening at the Café des Théâtres, where they will come and treat their neurosis in front of a coffee or a “fried tartare”.

Thompson again convenes a 4-star cast with Albert Dupontel Valérie Lermercier, Cécile de France, Claude Brasseur, Guillaume Gallienne and even an appearance by filmmaker Sydney Pollack. The film was also a great success with 2 million tickets sold in France.


In 2009, Danièle Thompson is back behind the camera with Le Code changed. Again, several characters will cross paths with two meals that will punctuate the story. A dinner is the dictatorship of appearance: we make ourselves beautiful, we laugh, we tell stories, we show off, we share memories and projects. The anxieties are hidden under the humor and the sorrows stifled by the bursts of laughter. And for a few hours, we believe in it! That’s the main thing … If you have the right code and that you respect others, cordiality, hypocrisy, good humor, you risk having a good evening … But the masks fall as soon as you return.

This feature film with chiseled dialogues is the joy of 1.6 million curious people in France. Danièle Thompson hits hard once again with a distribution with little onions: Karin Viard, Dany Boon, Marine Hands, Patrick Bruel, Emmanuelle Seigner, Patrick Chesnais, Pierre Arditi and Marine Foïs.


Four years after The Code has changed, Danièle Thompson offers to go to the movies to see People kissing. The story tells of the adventures of Zef, whose burial of his wife is planned at the same time as the marriage of the daughter of his brother Roni. This event aggravates the conflicts between the two brothers who already separate everything: jobs, women, religious austerity of one, joy of life of the other, everything, apart from their old father with a wandering brain and their two daughters who s love it. Between London, Paris, Saint-Tropez and New York, confrontations, misunderstandings, betrayals, will explode the family landscape, but thanks to these disputes, to these chaotic reconciliations, will be born a great love story … and perhaps of them.

Danièle Thompson’s latest choral film brings together Kad Merad, Eric Elmosnino, Lou de Lâage, Max Boublil, Valérie Bonneton and Monica Bellucci. Note the fine performance of the composer and violinist Ivry Gitlis, 90 years old at the time, in the role of the father of Zef and Roni. Unfortunately, the work will not find its audience, attracting only 160,000 people to theaters. The director will change registers in 2016 by directing a period film, Cézanne et moi, which will reach the score of 600,000 admissions. Now, we are still waiting for news from Rabbi Jacqueline, a sequel to Rabbo Jacob, that Thompson was supposed to produce in 2018.


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