Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Romain Duris … do you know how they came to be …

Before being the beloved personalities that we know, they were anonymous and anchored in a daily life that is trivial. One day, somewhere and by chance, someone discovered them and allowed them to go from shadow to light.

Kristen stewart, jennifer lawrence, romain duris... Do you know how they came to be...
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From anonymity to the spotlight: it is always interesting, sometimes tasty, to discover how this or that talent was discovered and was put into orbit. Here are ten examples, from Jennifer Lawrence to Alain Delon, including Romain Duris and Kristen Stewart!

Kristen stewart

Daughter of a Fox director and producer and a screenwriter, Kristen stewart comes from a cinema family. However, his first steps in the industry were quite by chance when, during his school’s Christmas show, his performance was noticed by an agent. Impressed, he advises her to go to auditions.

She will start them at the age of eight for cinema and television. After a first single appearance in a Disney Channel TV movie (The boy who came from the sea), she will reveal herself by playing the tomboy of Patricia Clarkson in The Safety of Objects, and especially the diabetic girl of Jodie Foster in Panic Room.

The 9-year-old actress in “The Boy Who Came From the Sea”.

Jennifer lawrence

It was during a trip to New York, while watching a street show with her mother, that the very young Jennifer lawrence is approached by a photographer. The latter wishes to make him pass a casting for the H&M brand. Already sure of herself, the 14-year-old girl refuses, exposing her desire to be an actress rather than a model.

Encouraged by the photographer to take an agent, she will leave high school and make her debut in small roles on television (Monk, Company Town …) before making herself known in the cinema (Far from the scorched earth, Winter’s Bone. ..).

One of Jennifer Lawrence’s first appearances in “Monk”:

Romain Duris

Once your baccalaureate is in your pocket, Romain Duris embarks on studies of applied arts. Dreadlocks, charming smile and improbable draw, the young man is absolutely not intended for the profession of actor despite the few solicitations to which he is subjected in the street. It is at the end of the lessons that he is once again approached, this time by Bruno Lévy, the casting director of Cédric Klapisch, in search of the hero of his next film.

Klapisch and his film Nothing at all, Duris is a fan of it. This is the reason which pushes this young pupil of the Duperré school to accept to pass the auditions. At the age of 19, he will burst the screen on the poster for the TV movie that has become cult film The Young Peril, the first of his seven collaborations with his director Pygmalion.

Below, the first hearing of Romain Duris …

Natalie Portman

Do you remember the freshness of Natalie Portman in Leon’s famous restaurant scene? It is in a similar meeting place (a pizzeria more precisely) that the young actress also seduced an agent of the Revlon brand who approached her while she was having lunch with the family, and offered to take photos for a campaign. advertising. Then 10 years old, the young lady explains preferring comedy and wanting to try auditions.

A few months later, these photos (and this agent) will allow him to catch the eye of Luc Besson, who will decide to audition and then engage him on Leon. At 12 years old, Natalie reveals herself, imposing her charm and her naturalness in front of the “cleaner” Jean Reno.

Natalie Portman’s first casting …

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was 16 when he was kicked out of high school for indiscipline. The young man haunted the billiard halls of Cork, Ireland. It is in one of them that he is approached by a casting agent, looking for a teenager for The War of the Buttons, it starts again.

Failed during the audition, the rebel will resume his games while keeping one foot in the middle, encouraged by those who did not retain him. Spotted in an advertisement, he was finally chosen to play alongside Albert Finney in A Man of No Importance, where he found his favorite game there.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers first appearance below …

Alain Delon

In 1956, Alain Delon is passing through Cannes with his companion at the time, the actress Brigitte Auber, when he meets Jean-Claude Brialy. With his new friend, he plays the clown and goes out in the evening in bars. “I had made a great film, The Friend of the Family, but everywhere we went, nobody looked at me. It was beautiful like everything”, entrusted Brialy, who encouraged him from the outset to make films. It was during one of their outings that the two friends were approached by the impresario of the American actor Rock Hudson.

Whoever did not consider acting at all is then hired to do tests in Rome, where he will be approached by the great producer David O. Selznick, eager to make him work across the Atlantic. On the strength of all these beautiful encounters, it is all the same in France that the attractive actor will choose to shoot his first film: When the woman gets involved by Yves Allégret.

Below, Alain Delon in his first role, aged 22, “When the woman gets involved” …

Bruce willis

Upon graduation, Bruce Willis found a job as a security guard at a nuclear power plant in New Jersey, before becoming a bartender in New York. One evening, he is spotted by a casting director seduced by his personality and eager to offer him a small role as a bartender in a film.

After a few uncredited appearances, this enthusiast, already trained in the theater, made appearances in films such as Full Whip by Brian G. Hutton with Frank Sinatra and Faye Dunaway, as well as The Verdict by Sidney Lumet with Paul Newman and Charlotte Rampling. It is the Clair de lune series that will bring him out of anonymity.

Below, Bruce Willis in the very first pilot episode of the “Moonlight” series. He appears at 9”56 …

Alex pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer is seven years old and is walking around a toy store with his mother when a man approaches him. After complimenting him on his looks, he asks her to pose for him. An invitation that would invite distrust or at least reflection, if this man had not been the great Ralph Lauren in person.

Become a young model for the couturier, this cinema fan (and especially Johnny Depp) will also be the young face of Gap and Burberry before making his debut in a TV movie (Tom Brown’s Schooldays) then on the big screen in Alex Rider: Stormbreaker.

Alex Pettyfer’s debut on the big screen …

Beatrice Dalle

Barely 14 years old, Béatrice Dalle leaves her native Mans to go to Paris. On the famous avenue des Champs-Elysées, the Parisian dream becomes reality when a photographer asks him to pose for the front page of the magazine “Photo”, as part of a series devoted to lolitas.

The cliché is noticed by Dominique Besnehard, casting director and future artistic agent, who at the same time, is looking for a young stranger to give the answer to Jean-Hugues Anglade in 37 ° 2 on the morning of Jean-Jacques Beineix. The naturalness and impetuosity of the young premiere will make her, in a single film, one of the sex symbols of French cinema.

Below, the images of the first casting of the actress, visible from 6”03 …

Alice Taglioni

It is in order to pay her rent that Alice Taglioni plays waitresses in an upscale bar in the capital, called the Barfly. Fan of Sophie Marceau, Catherine Deneuve and Fanny Ardant, the young student wants to take acting lessons but does not have the means. One evening, she is approached by a man who “in all good, all honor” offers to help her make her dream come true.

This lucky star with the appearance of a patron will give him enough to register for comedy lessons before disappearing from his life. A true fairy tale told in Express by the actress who subsequently debuted in the very liberated La Bande du drugstore alongside Aurélien Wiik.

Below, Alice Taglioni’s debut in “La Bande du drugstore” …

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