“Chef Kobe” likes “cooking, eating and exploring in the kitchen,” says his biography.

Videos show him helping to prepare recipes ranging from macaroni and cheese to Turkish men, with quite a few “comments” of tasting and gurgling along the way.

Her mother Ashley Wian told CNN that the videos started as a way to share her son’s excitement in the kitchen with friends and family.

“Cooking is just one of the many practical things Kobe does at home. He has so much fun doing it and such a great and lively personality that I decided to record it and share it with others. origin with friends and family, “she said.

“We started his Instagram Kobe Eats in late February. He had about 200 followers until April 15 and then he jumped! 100K, 200K, 500K … we certainly didn’t expect that!”

Wian said that she and Kobe’s father, Kyle, loved hearing that their son smiled at so many faces around the world, especially at a time when it is so necessary.

“It gives us the impression that we are doing something good as parents to raise a child who has the ability to make anyone smile with just a laugh! We always receive messages from people saying how personality is contagious, “she said. “We also like that it encouraged parents to put their children in the kitchen and sit and eat with the family, which is extremely important in our home.”

The couple are “all about hands-on learning” and Wian says their kitchen is the perfect place for Kobe to learn and explore – regardless of the mess.

“He explores new ingredients, feels new textures, learns practical skills like pouring, scooping and measuring. That’s why it all started, another practical thing he can learn so much from. He refined so many motor skills just by helping me. Yes, it gets messy but that’s it. A mess is just a mess! It can be cleaned up! The memories we create will last forever. “

His cooking show also took a few important steps. On a video, we hear him say “Dada” for the first time.

Kobe loves the camera and tests the ingredients. Her favorite thing to do? “Anything with cheese, mainly because he can eat it,” says his mother.

And even when it’s a brothel, his loyal dog brothers and sisters, Kevin and Kelly, are happy to help out and help with the cleanup.

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