Kingsman 2 on C8: why Taron Egerton almost didn’t reprise his role

Kingsman 2 on c8: why taron egerton almost didn't reprise his role

On the occasion of the broadcast tonight on Kingsman: The Golden Circle on C8, a look behind the scenes of the film’s production, shaken by the schedule of rising star Taron Egerton.

Building on the success of Kingsman: Secret Service, Taron Egerton has seen his schedule fill at the speed of light. In demand from all sides, the young British actor has sometimes had trouble reconciling his various projects. And the productions of Kingsman 2 and Robin Hood have paid the price.

All this because of bad timing. While there is no question of giving a sequel to Matthew Vaughn’s spy comedy, Taron Egerton is hired to don the tights of the vigilante of Nottingham. The concern is that the actor is under contract with Fox, which owns the film rights to a sequel to Kingsman and can force him to comply with the demands of this project. When the studio gives the green light for the second installment, Egerton is torn between the two films, whose shooting and release dates are now incompatible.

The studios then enter into negotiations, neither of them wanting to let go of their goose that lays the golden eggs. Especially since Fox is a priority but Robin Hood, produced by Lionsgate, is at an advanced stage of its pre-production. Finally, the latter gives up his niche and agrees to postpone the shooting for a few months. Note that at this time, Taron Egerton was also in contention for the title role of Solo: A Star Wars Story, and even in the last two production choices, but the launch of the Kingsman 2 project forced him to abandon the race. A bad for a good ?

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