Kingdom on DNA: what is this Game of Thrones anime in medieval China?

Kingdom on DNA: what is this Game of Thrones anime in medieval China?

Kingdom, a series that focuses on the positive side of life in medieval China, is now available on DNA. This is an epic tale that you must see!

What is it all about?

The setting of Kingdom takes place in ancient China. The story follows young Shin as he pursues his dream to become a Grand General. Shin, an ancestral Chinese, is from Qin. This state is undergoing many upheavals, both within the kingdom and out.

The Warring States period was when China was divided into seven kingdoms: Qin Zhao Han, Wei Chu, Yan, Yan, Yan, Wei, Chu and Yan. Shin’s story also follows that of Ei Sei (later known as Qin Shi Huang), the unifier of China.

Kingdom on dna
Kingdom on dna


The 3 seasons of this amazing anime are now available on DNA. It is time to get into the action! The animation in the first season is a bit disconcerting. However, this can be ignored if you want to be completely captivated by the epic story.

This is compensated for by a compelling, well-written story that focuses more on military strategies and not epic battles. We don’t see Japanese anime that takes place in ancient China every day.

A clear improvement in graphics has made season 2 a remarkable season. It makes all the letters of nobility a story of extraordinary magnitude. Kingdom is a manga by YasuhisaHara. This manga has been a huge success in the Land of the Rising Sun ever since it was published in 2006.


Season 1, which aired in 2011, was directed and produced by Jun Kamiya (Blue Seed & Hikaru No Go), within the Pierrot studio (Bleach & Naruto). Akira Iwanaga (Bleach), took over the torch for season 2, before being replaced by Kenichi Imaizumi, (Reborn) for the third season.

The Signpost studio, which is a Pierrot subsidiary, assumed the reins for the second season. It brought a lot of value to the anime and caught up with the previous seasons’ failing animation. The studio also covered the Coalition arc in Season 3. This arc is considered to be the best part of the manga.

This arc, which is eagerly awaited by fans, is the true epitheosis for all that makes the series special, from political intrigues to epic battles. The anime had the support of Hisashi Abe who is an experienced character designer for Psycho-Pass Sinners and Berserk 2016, in addition to a team of talented directors.


Kingdom is addictive and powerful. It recalls Ken the Survivor’s brutality and Game of Thrones’ political conspiracy theories. The anime can delight those who are looking for grandiloquence, thrills, and purely tactical stories.

It’s a war epic worthy of GRR Martin and the Vikings. YasuhisaHara, Kingdom author, has revealed that Game of Thrones is an important influence on him. He spoke out about this topic at a round table in Japan that was organized by David Benioff, DB Weiss and other showrunners. This was for the theatrical release and adaptation of Kingdom.

Kingdom has 3 seasons DNA.


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