King on Screen, a sum documentary on Stephen King in preparation

King on Screen, a sum documentary on Stephen King in preparation

Frank Darabont, Taylor Hackford, and many more … They all have one thing in common: having adapted Stephen King to the screen! And they testify in “King on Screen”, a French documentary on the master in preparation, which launches a crowd funding.

It’s a fact: Stephen King has long been a more than sure value in cinema and television. We can no longer count the adaptations of his works, uneven enough to be honest, but which have fortunately been able, sometimes, to give birth to very great films and / or solid works: Shining, Carrie, Les Evadés, Stand by me, Dolorès Claiborne, Misery, La Ligne verte, Cujo, The Mist, Christine …

Beyond the talents of the writer, his influence on Pop culture, for decades, is absolutely immense. We can no longer count the artists claiming his heritage or drawing inspiration from his abundant work, in all fields, whether in cinema, series, literature, video games, or music. In short, Stephen King is everywhere.

Suddenly, it is with great interest that we can follow the project King on Screen; a 90-minute French documentary currently in preparation, directed by Daphné Baiwir and produced by Sebastien Cruz. The peculiarity of this project and what makes it so far unprecedented, is that it will essentially focus on guest testimonials, having been brought to work closely on the author’s adaptations.

Here is the trailer for this ambitious project …

As for the directors who agreed to participate in the documentary, it’s heavy: Frank Darabont, Tom Holland, Scott Hicks, Vincenzo Natali, Taylor Hackford … At the very least, around thirty speakers, to dissect and expose the whole universe of the master, and how they got hold of it.

A tribute introduction packed with easter eggs

But there is more. The film crew decided to make an introduction shot in Maine for 5 days, where the author lives. An introduction packed with references and more Easter eggs around the universe of the master of horror.

To this end, it launched crowd funding on the platform Kickstarter, to try to complete the 20,000 € necessary to realize this intro to the documentary. To do so, she joined the services of sizes in their respective fields, who agreed to participate in the adventure, such as Luis Sequeira, the head of the costumes of the latest adaptation of Ca and cited at the Oscar. of the Best Costumes for The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro. Keith Shaw, colorist, who worked on Frank Darabont films as The escapees and The green Line. The director of photography Marc Koninckx, specialist in the steadycam, who worked in particular with Lewis Teague, the director of Cujo. Or the Sound Designer Dean André, who notably worked on The Amazing Spider-Man.

King on Screen is furthermore co-produced by Frakas Productions, to whom we owe the formidable and disturbing Grave, as well as Shamans Films, a structure founded in 2017 by Nikolaus Roche-Kresse, who notably worked for several years at Ubisoft as an expert directing and directing, and director of a world-award-winning short, The Fall of Zao.

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