Killing Eve on Canal+ Series: crazier than ever, Eve and Villanelle bid farewell…

Killing eve on canal+ series: crazier than ever, eve and villanelle bid farewell...

It’s time to say goodbye for Eve and Villanelle. Season 4 of Killing Eve starts tonight on Canal+ Series. Between fascination and repulsion, will the story between the killer and the former MI-6 agent end badly?

What is it about ?

End clap for the muscular chases of Villanelle and Eve. Laura Neal (Sex Education), at the helm of the scenario for this final season, promises an epic as bloody and disheveled as the previous ones. Between the MI-6 agent and the psychopathic hitman, who will have the last word?

Killing Eve, a series created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge with Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw, Kim Bodnia… The first two episodes at 12:20 a.m. on Canal+ Series, also available on MyCanal then one episode per week. Episodes seen: 2 out of 8.

blood for crazy blood

End clap for Killing Eve as the fall of Season 3 would have made a perfect conclusion for the series. Little reminder. In the last scene of the last episode, Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer) meet on a bridge and make a pact. That of no longer coming into contact with each other after having found – time and time again – that they only exacerbate the worst in each of them. They separate, taking an opposite direction, then stop and end up turning around.

This end would have been that of an eternal restart between two magnets who constantly attract and repel each other. Against a backdrop of thriller and spy series, Killing Eve has always cultivated the homo-erotic subtext in the tension between Eve and Villanelle and this deadly game of cat and mouse. But curiously, it is not this destructive dynamic that seems to be the driving force of this fourth season.

Eve now works for a private security company but uses her employer’s means to track down The Twelve, this ultra-secret criminal organization, which employed Villanelle. Villanelle, precisely, took a rather unexpected turn by finding refuge with a pastor and his daughter. She seeks to redeem her sins with God and seeks her faith at the same time. She manifests as an angel who is her alter ego disguised as a drag king.

The snake biting its tail

Not very conclusive, this attempt at redemption aims to convince Eve that Villanelle has changed. But it is elsewhere that Eve Polastri directs her Warning obsession – she now stalks Hélène (Camille Cottin), a member of the Twelve – and she superbly ignores his desperate attempts to get his attention.

But in the light of the two episodes made available to the press, it is difficult to guess which direction this final season is taking. The dance between the two best enemies has resumed, with this destabilizing feeling that they are stepping aside. Since Phoebe Waller-Bridge passed on the torch to other showrunners, the series plays variations on the same theme without managing to match the excitement and surprise of the first season.

From there to proclaim a lack of love for the series, it is a step that we will not cross. The pleasure of seeing two extreme and ferocious women oppose and attract each other has an enjoyable character that we cannot deny. Killing Eve imploded the shackles of the spy series by centering it around this sensual and deadly round between its two protagonists.

Above all, it shows female characters as we still too rarely have the opportunity to see. Their violence – and that also includes the excellent and always distinguished Fiona Shaw – is a fascinating subject of study here. Neither praised nor condemned, it opens the playing field for other series, written and embodied by women, which are intended to be less and less policed. Let’s hope this finale will be as irreverent as the series itself.

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