Killing Eve: how does the series that reinvented espionage end? at the…

After four seasons of chases and cat-and-mouse games, Killing Eve ends its race in a final episode that left everyone on the floor.

End clap for Killing Eve ! The moment of farewell with Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh), an MI5 agent with a somewhat ordinary life at least at first, and Villanelle (Jodie Comer), a psychopathic hitman, has arrived.

At the start of the series, Eve apparently has an ideal life: a job at an intelligence agency, a happy marriage. But this life so smooth on paper changes completely from the pilot when an unidentified assassin enters the line of sight of MI5.

At this moment, Eve asks the decisive question: what if the assassin was a woman? This leads to an investigation that becomes a real obsession and Eve quickly confirms that her theory is the right one. The killer is a woman and it’s Villanelle. This leads to an impossible seduction game, a stalking, a collaboration, a stab in the stomach, a bullet in the back during the first three seasons.

The two women spend most of season 4 separated. Villanelle desperately wants change and turn to God. Eve is obsessed with the Twelve and wants to dismantle the secret organization. At the start of episode 8, they finally find themselves on an isolated island in Scotland after getting rid of the slayer Gunn (Marie Sophie Ferdane).

A heartbreaking episode

Episode 8, the last of season 4 and therefore of the series, is quite devastating. Eve and Villanelle leave the small, isolated island together and wander into the middle of nowhere. Eve wants to find the place where the Twelve are supposed to meet and ends up asking Villanelle for help. The latter playfully grabs Eve and spins her around.

Killing Eve how does the series that reinvented espionage end
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Eve and Villanelle in episode 8

This tender moment is interrupted by the arrival of a couple who invite them to their refuge. They are both annoyed by lovers but it is this time spent together that allows them to bond. They dwell on their past and their dysfunctional relationship. Then comes a tarot session where they read their future. Villanelle’s is supposed to be filled with sunshine, while Eve’s is threatened by death.

They share a moment of intimacy by sleeping in the same sleeping bag. And spend the night without a word. Once morning arrives, Villanelle tries her luck. She runs her hand over Eve’s back, probably expecting her to push her away. Eve isn’t exactly receptive, but Villanelle tries again. She gently caresses his scars which relaxes Eve who turns to face him.

As in the season 1 finale, the two women soak up this rare and uninterrupted moment together. They seem for the first time on the same wavelength. Villanelle suggests stealing the couple’s van. Eve couldn’t have been happier.

Carolyn (Fiona Shaw) arrives at Hampstead Heath and meets Pam (Anjana Vasan), who informs him of Konstantin’s last words (Kim Bodnia) and gives him his letter. Pam hopes this is the first and last time she will have to deal with her, but Carolyn seems to want her help with something sinister. Pam, however, refuses to help him.

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Eve holding Villanelle in her arms in episode 5 (premonitory?)

Alone in the van, Eve and Villanelle are on cloud nine. They laugh while making fun of the couple they left and take advantage of these moments spent together. They stop to buy food and recharge Hélène’s phone – which contains key information – which brings them back to reality.

They still take advantage of this moment as if it were their first date. Villanelle calls Eve a psychopath for using too much mustard. They do not forget their mission for as much and take the direction of the pub where the Twelve are supposed to meet.

During a stop for a pee break, they walk alone in the countryside. Villanelle leans over and kisses Eve on the cheek. In return, Eve grabs her and kisses her passionately. They laugh and smile after this long-awaited moment. But when they return to the van, it’s to hit the road again.

Arriving at the pub, they bump into Pam and Carolyn and learn that the Twelve’s date has been moved to a cruise on the Thames. Pam tells Villanelle that Konstantin is dead. Eve thanks Carolyn for seeing her potential when she was at MI5.

Eve and Villanelle then go on the cruise and part ways on the spot, but not without a passionate kiss beforehand. Eve pretends to be celebrating the wedding being held on the boat while Villanelle finds the Twelve’s hideout and slaughters them all. She then joins Eve and tells her that her mission is accomplished.

They hug but Villanelle gets shot in the back. They jump into the Thames to escape the shots but Villanelle takes several bullets. Eve watches helplessly as Villanelle dies. She tries in vain to catch up with her body which sinks into the water then rises to the surface to scream her agony. End of Killing Eve.