Kevin Can F ** k Himself on Prime Video: What is this sitcom satire worth?

Available on Prime Video, Kevin Can F ** k Himself is a black comedy in the purest tradition with a daring concept. She shatters the myth of the sitcom and its portrayal of the housewife.

What is it about ?

The series takes a look at the archetypal sitcom woman. The program seeks to break television conventions in order to show how the character perceives the outside world outside the film set …

Kevin Can F ** k Himself, a series created by Valerie Armstrong with Annie Murphy, Eric Petersen, Mary Hollis Inboden …

Who is it with?

The cast members are not well known to the general public. Nevertheless in the main role, that of Allison, the unhappy wife of Kevin, we find Annie Murphy that the seriesphiles could discover in Schitt’s Creek.

As for the title Kevin, he is played by Eric Petersen. If he has made numerous appearances on television, this is his first recurring role. American audiences were able to see him on stage as Shrek during the tour for the musical Shrek the musical.

Well worth a look ?

Original creation of the cable channel AMC – which entered the series round with wonders like Breaking Bad or Mad Men – Kevin Can F ** k Himself has that same singular tone as his elders. It immediately surprises with its original concept: that of inverting the genre of the sitcom and that of the classic drama.

In short, all the scenes in Kevin’s presence are filmed like a classic sitcom. The sitcom’s specifications are followed to the letter: the little musical gimmick to introduce the scene; the wide shot of the living room filmed, like a theater set, from the audience’s point of view; bright colors ; the jokes that burst forth and the laughter recorded.

Kevin can f ** k himself on prime video: what is this sitcom satire worth?

AMC / Amazon Prime Video

As soon as Kevin leaves the room or Allison leaves her house: change of tone and genre. We are entering a classic drama. Here the focus is on some form of creepy with darkened photography. All the sitcom’s tinsel gets cocky.

This system sheds light on the nightmare in which Allison feels trapped. Married to a man-child and deeply selfish, she feels trapped in a couple and in a life that does not suit her. She dreams of freedom. Especially by crossing an old flame (Raymond Lee), back after years of absence.

It is also a clever deconstruction of the sitcom – king genre in the United States and which gave birth to the television series – by showing that the portrayal of women is often pathetic. It is the model of the average American family who is dogged at the same time with real talent. It remains to be seen now whether this narrative architecture can hold up over time.

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