“Kenya continues to see the pain that the vaccine producing countries around the world have started practicing in the form of the vaccine nationalism, robbery, and discrimination coupled with a vaccine hoarding habit that just described is the form of the vaccine apartheid,” in Kenya’s Foreign Ministry said called long-press; in response to a travel ban issued in the UK.

“This vaccine is apartheid, coupled with the calls for a reckless passports vaccine available vaccines as does all nations, because it is the body widens the existing inequalities and to win a world war on the pandemic,” it argued.

The areas of policy changes will begin on April 9.

A surprising choice

Kenya’s principal secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Macharia Kamau, told CNN a phone call Tuesday that the move in London, “a little bit surprised about that.”

“It’s not as if we have an out-of-control Covid situation in Kenya – we do not. It’s not like we have not exercising a very sensitive and is not that we are not managing the situation carefully here,” said Kamat, who formerly served as Kenya’s ambassador to the United Nations, on the commissioners.

The Kenyan citizens, who are still alive, in the UK with the obligation for the flight of these are great, however, that they be delivered to these same measurements as the others.

In the Western countries & # 39;  39 has abundant & #;  In covid vaccines.  Africa is not left behind as cases surge?

In the UK government’s measures a step further. They say it is the day of all who are in Kenya in wayfarers, whether prior, and he did not want to come into England by 10. Britanniae, Hiberniae, et tertio, et nationalium patria commorationis iura permisit intrare non potest nisi voluntas requiritur ad regimen sui ipsius, falciparum in deversorium probatus-quarentenam facilitas ad X dies – et ad sua inpensa.

“In the US in the 30 million delivered lake as much in bonds for additional help to reduce risk to a new high – as such the first time identified in South Africa (SA) and Brazil – entering England,” by the UK government Department’s because Transport he said in a statement announcing the move.

In general, 40 countries, and it has in the UK, whereas the red-white. South African or from the many nations on earth. However, the European countries are currently experiencing the third wave of the cases, such as France, not on the list.

Kenya is a plan to add a “red list, and the prime minister Boris Johnson April as” hydrogen month, “in the second to give the country more than a little vaccine doses per day for the first time April 30 for the first time.

31 million people in the UK now receives the first and disgrace Covid a 19-second shot of vaccine more than 5 million to take control, according to the latest information.
The decline in the UK with a 19-Covid cases and deaths, and taking steps to open up its economy in Kenya is currently battling a third wave Covid-19.
London, 19 Covid no records to die every day for the first time in six months, higher than elsewhere in Europe, in cases

On April 26, President Kenyatta has announced curfews and a ban on almost all the country’s biggest movement in or out of the cities, including capital Nairobi to tackle the outbreak.

International flights were the exception that the travel ban.

However, it seems that in the UK rather than the pandemic in Kenya.

Kenya is the highest reported Covid 19; Tuesday dead stood at 2,258, according to the country’s Ministry of Health. The UK’s total death toll has topped more than 126,000, according to government data.
Every new confirmed cases and Covid 19 million people in Kenya on 6 April, which is 19.2, while the UK stands at 48.75, according to Oxford University’s given us in the world.

In many cases confirmed in many countries as less than in the case because of the reasons for the limited testing that is given to us in the world.

“We have demonstrated extraordinary responsibility here. We have kept our number severely low. In this case, there is a design and art holds by policy,” Kamau said. “If you look in other parts of the world, even with our proposal, you’ll see that Kenya is a city of 50 million people to the population and especially the mobile and able to do whatever is necessary.”

An urgent need for vaccines

Among the travel ban in a row, some Kenyans – the government among them – the vaccine is a disparity motion without highlighting the Nairobi in London and social media.

Kenya’s ambassador to IL Martin Kimani, tweeted“When solidarity is right. Now it is the first time we hepatitis, hepatitis Nationalism APARTHEID ‘distributed to the press said the Kenyan Ministry of Foreign travel ban on UK football alcohol.

Kenya, the nation State, which has requested the UK – a country with which it has a strategic relationship ancient – share of vaccines when considering the Foreign Ministry said: “Kenya is aware that he has a British [vaccines] is greater than that currently in use. “

In the UK – with a population of around 66 million people – has more than 400 million doses of vaccines-19 Covid eight candidates for the order. Sed hi omnes accepimus et paulatim non tamen omnia, nec tamen est ut candidati isti probatus est utilitas in UK regulante.

It is currently the administration Oxford / AstraZeneca and BioNTech / Pfizer to begin a rollout of vaccines Wednesday and announced that Modern vaccines.

In the UK Foreign Office declined to comment on the Kenyan said to be contacted by CNN. However, he said that the government will share any surplus is going to be vaccinated for its population. In the UK £ 548 million, also poses ($ 753 million) to COVAX things that are more than 1 billion at the end to deliver vaccines to low-income countries and 92 middle this year.
For the first time the UK’s 31 million shots administered, the greatest Covid 325,592 Kenyans have received 19-vaccine to MarsAccording to the latest figures from the country’s Ministry of Health.
& # 39 Africa, NY coronavirus the waves are much worse than the first analysis shows
Kenya received the first of vaccines carrots – 1,02 million doses of Oxford AstraZeneca shot – COVAX global program on the road.

The film is the first in Kenya and tenon made 3.5 million doses.

“Vaccine is not the only one we’ve all received substantial that they are not welcome as we celebrate. But if there are 50 million to the region, and it’s imperative to vaccinate at least a third of the population … we actually need tens of millions of vaccine doses, not to deepen we need thousands, if we are to be effective, in this pandemic, “Kamau urged.

Drive with its part of the population vaccinated, Kenya Russia approved for emergency use in March 5 Sputnik – leading to reports that apart around $ 70 to get the shots.
The two lawyers are said to be The first two people Kenya is received weight in 5 Sputnik – and Tweeted pictures of her When vaccinated. Contacted by CNN for their comments.

However, on April 2, the Ministry of Health announced that they had halted importation of private distribution of vaccines to ensure “greater transparency and accountability.”

“There is nothing wrong, nothing wrong with all other vaccines such as Sputnik 5 … but they need to bring in a manner that is consistent with government regulations,” Kama noted.

“In Kenya, the vaccines are for all” was added.

In order to prevent to the global pandemic, the rich countries of the need to prevent the hoarding vaccines

A global inequality of access to Covid, has a vast 19 made of the vaccines; anger among the leaders of Africa, including South Africa’s President of the African Union in the seat, Cyril Ramaphosa, and warned by the World Economic Forum virtual meeting what happens in the “hoarding” vaccines and urged the need for an equitable global rollout.

Global charity Oxfam people with other members of the Hepatitis Alliance, a network of NGOs on salaries, and because it is a means to an end, vaccines apartheid. In the press release of Mars, the person is said to be a rich man to be the one the other, even though many developing nations are vaccinating it for the service of one of the nations are not, however, paid for it.

Kamau was not surprised over what is done globally that we saw not unfair engagement in the world to live. ”

“A basic human right of Vaccines,” he said. “And to enhance their capacities to protect the life of live and fully interactive and allow trading nations remain what it really means to the global development of the core. ‘

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