Tips for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer duration

Tips for keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for a longer duration

Fruits and vegetables fresh: Vegetables and fruits that constitute the major part of our daily meal need to be stored properly. To enjoy its freshness on the plate one should try these missiles from their kitchen pad. This will help them in keeping fresh for longer duration and benefits, you with its multi-nutrients property.

Fruits and vegetables fresh
Fruits and vegetables fresh

By covering the stem

You can extend the life of certain fruits by covering its stem like a banana. When you cover around the stem of a banana with a plastic film, no wonder its life span is extended. You keep your green chilly fresh by taking off its stems altogether.

In an aluminum foil

There are certain fruits and vegetables that remain fresh when nicely covered in an aluminum foil. Wrap your freshly purchased celery and broccoli in a foil and keep it in the vegetable compartment of your fridge.

By keeping in water

For keeping Asparagus, fresh for long, cut an inch of its stem and then keep it in a jar filled with water. This will keep it fresh and meet the taste of newly picked.

In a jar covered with water- Herbs like coriander and mint which is widely used in the kitchen in most of the dishes tastes best when used fresh. To meet your purpose store those in a jar that is covered with water roofed with plastic.

Vegetables fresh keeping tips
Vegetables fresh keeping tips

In a plastic cover

Keeping vegetables and fruits in a plastic cover is one of a common practice that you can follow to keep your eatables fresh for a longer time. Wrap them is a plastic cover and keep it in your refrigerator under the vegetable section.

Storing in a cool but dry place

There are certain fruits that you buy raw or in a bulk quantity. Fruits like peach and pear, ripe when kept in dark and cool place. Keep them there till they are fully ripe. Then store them in your fridge for later use.

Storing with leaves

Certain fruits like litchi and mango, its leaves are used to keep it fresh for long. Litchi is a short lived fruit that is available for a few days only during the summer season. To enjoy the sweetness of litchi, store bunches of litchi with its leaves. This will assist you to enjoy it for some more days.

In cold storage

Vegetables like peas are eaten throughout the year, but it tends to lose its tastes when eaten during non-season. Usually, the peas that are available during winters are sweeter and tastier. This is the time of the year when you can store them and use them in the summers. Take out the peas from the shell and boil it in warm water for a few minutes. Drain water and let it cool for some time. On cooling store peas into plastic zip lock packets and place them in a cold storage compartment.

In a paper towel

Storing in a paper towel is another good way of taking good care of your weekly vegetable shopping.

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