Keanu Reeves: who will replace him in the sequel to one of his biggest failures?

Who remembers 47 Ronin, martial arts movie worn by Keanu Reeves released in 2014? This feature film, a bitter failure in the actor’s career, will be entitled to a second episode!

Between the John Wick saga and his return in Matrix Resurrections, Keanu Reeves is more popular than ever! If he is one of the most appreciated actors in the world, his filmography is not without reproaches.

In 2013, the legendary Neo interpreter embarked on the 47 Ronin adventure, a martial arts film directed by Carl Rinsch. In this feature film, 47 wandering samurai swear revenge and restore the honor of their compatriots. Indeed, a treacherous warlord killed their master and banished their tribe.

Torn from their homes and lost in the four corners of known lands, this handful of rebels are forced to resort to the help of Kai – a half-blood they had once denied – during their fight through a violent, populated universe. mythological monsters, evil metamorphoses and terrible dangers. This exile will be an opportunity for this rejected slave to reveal himself to be their most formidable weapon, and to become the heroic figure who will give this rebellious troop the energy to mark eternity forever.

Uninspired, the blockbuster will be a monumental failure at the box office, collecting just $ 151 million in global revenue for an estimated budget of 175 million. Released in February 2014 in France, 47 Ronin attracts only 242,000 curious. A resounding flop for Keanu Reeves, who will rebound a few months later with the first installment of John Wick.

This debacle seemed to have buried the idea of ​​a sequel deep … before a new project came out of the drawers of Universal 7 years later, without Keanu.

“We’re excited to continue the story of these ancient Japanese samurai warriors with a new chapter of the 47 Ronins set in modern times. This new production features some of the most talented action stars. We think fans from all over the world will attend and be delighted by the vision of director Ron Yuan “, the studio said in a statement.

The action of this second part will take place 300 years after the events of the first opus. The plot will focus on female warriors, in a modern world where samurai clans exist in the greatest secrecy. The title of the film will be Blade of the 47: Revenge of the Onna-Bugeisha. In medieval Japan, an onna-bugeisha is a female combatant from high society.

The feature film will star Mark Dacascos, who succeeds Keanu Reeves in the 47 Ronin saga. This action movie star is best known for her roles in The Pact of Wolves and Crying Freeman. Dacascos also fought John Wick in the 3rd episode titled Parabellum. Anna Akana, Teresa Ting and Mike Moh are also in the game. The latter had played Bruce Lee in Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

“This is a female-centric story, with our main group of heroines – Luna, Onami, Aya and Mai – fighting alongside Reo, a Ronin, to make the prophecy come true. also against the well-anchored prejudices of other clans towards warriors. The story of strong women who fight against the pressures and expectations of society is really topical. “, underlines the director Ron Yuan at the microphone of Collider.

Blade of the 47: Revenge of the Onna-Bugeisha is slated for release in 2022 on Netflix.

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