Katla on Netflix: what is this supernatural Icelandic series on a strange volcano?

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Available on Netflix, “Katla” is an Icelandic series that features the mysterious consequences of an erupting volcano. A mystical and disturbing series that once again demonstrates the power of Scandinavian fictions.

Katla on Netflix: what is this supernatural Icelandic series on a strange volcano?
Katla on Netflix


Iceland. A year earlier there was a violent eruption of the subglacial volcano “Katla”. In the heart of the city of Vik, the nearest city, the ice begins to melt. The inhabitants evacuate the region. The few remaining people manage to provide the necessary community service. The region looks increasingly apocalyptic. Mysterious elements, buried and frozen in the glacier since prehistoric times, begin to emerge from the melting ice and have catastrophic consequences.

Katla, a series created by Sigurjón Kjartansson and Baltasar Kormákur.

Available on Netflix


The life of the people of Vik, a small isolated town, has not been the same since the subglacial volcano Katla erupted. Their daily life will be all the more tormented when a young woman, covered with ashes, reappears from nowhere. Other missing people are then preparing to return, without any explanation. After The Rain or Equinox – two series available on Netflix -, Katla (Islande) (Drame,Thriller)”>Katla is a new fantasy fiction that proves that Scandinavian productions have a real talent for infusing a dark and ominous vibe.

In Iceland, the Katla volcano does exist. It is classified as one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the country. Its last eruption dates back to 1918 and caused enormous damage, covering with its ashes more than half of the country. Still active, its activity remains very supervised and feared by professionals. Composed of 8 episodes, which can be watched in one go, the series is inspired by this constant risk to make the volcano a full protagonist and create a tale folk from scratch mixing human and fantasy drama with a few touches of horror.

The reappearance plunges the city of Vik into incomprehension and concern.

Some regulars in the genre will inevitably think of the German series Dark, with these distortions in time, or The Revenant, but the program manages to create its own identity with a very beautiful artistic direction, sets in the cold and grayish colors of the photography. Katla is also an opportunity to discover many of Iceland’s magnificent landscapes that wonderfully serve its sinister tale.

The series deliberately confronts the supernatural elements with the veracity of science and finds there an interesting reading which brings the characters to confront their own contradictions. Supported by an excellent cast and a convincing staging, Katla is an intoxicating dive into this Icelandic mystery. An ideal program to escape the current heat.

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