In Kathmandu & Hungry? Treat Your Cravings At These Top 6 Restaurants In The Capital City!


Nepal’s love for food is immense, and you can experience it as soon as you step on Nepali soil. Their cuisine is highly influenced by ethnicity, cultural diversity, climate and geography. Food reflects the culture of the country. Although Nepal embraces its culture in every field, when it comes to serving Nepal’s guests, the country is not a ‘culture Nazi’. You will find many restaurants serving international cuisine. The best places to experience this openness of Nepal are in Kathmandu restaurants.

Fine Dining Restaurants in Kathmandu

And hungry in Kathmandu? Dine out at these top restaurants in the capital to enjoy some of the popular and distinctive dishes from Nepal and elsewhere. Make sure you try the dishes suggested below.

1. Old House Restaurant

Old House Restaurant in KathmanduOld House Restaurant in Kathmandu


If for you eating food is not only to satisfy hunger but also an art, then Old House Restaurant is a perfect choice for you. French and Asian fusion gastronomy will win your heart. But what makes you fall in love at first sight is the perfect blend of modern and classic ambiance.

Address: Jyatha Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Must try: Mediterranean Chicken, Beetroot Ostrich Steak, Goat Cheese Balls

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2. Third Eye Restaurant

Third Eye Restaurant in KathmanduThird Eye Restaurant in Kathmandu


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3. Little Italy

Little Lily Restaurant in KathmanduLittle Lily Restaurant in Kathmandu


Little Italy is a charming restaurant in Kathmandu known for its Italian cuisine. The atmosphere will make you feel like Italy as soon as you enter. Romantic lighting and stylish seating make dining here a memorable experience.

Address: 364 KA, Kamladi Road, Kathmandu, Nepal
Must try: Roasted eggplant, Taormina potatoes, Carpione courgette, rustic croutons

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Budget Restaurants in Kathmandu


OR2K Restaurant in KathmanduOR2K Restaurant in Kathmandu


OR2K is a beautiful and lively restaurant in Kathmandu and is popular for its floor seating arrangement. The seating arrangement is well arranged and spacious. The lighting and colorful ambiance of the restaurant makes it a delightful place to dine. The cuisine here is dominated by the Middle East.

Address: Sagarmatha Market, kathmandu, Nepal
Must try: Cheese Platter, Babaganesh, Hummus Tahini, Towell’s Home Apple Pie

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5. Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop

Rosemary Restaurant in KathmanduRosemary Restaurant in Kathmandu


Rosemary Kitchen & Coffee Shop is a casual and youthful place to enjoy coffee, food and wine. The atmosphere is easy and refreshing making it a perfect place to meet friends over coffee and some delicious food. The veranda-style space and minimalist decor will remind you of your childhood evenings.

Address: Thamel Marg, Kathmandu 44601, Nepal
Must try: Rosemary Chicken, Thai Curry, Organic Salad, Australian Lamb

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6. Melrose Restaurant & Bar

Melrose Restaurant in KathmanduMelrose Restaurant in Kathmandu


Melrose Restaurant & Bar is a beautiful courtyard-style open-air restaurant. Trees and plants add some extra earthy element to the restaurant’s ambiance. Melrose is popular for its Italian cuisine. You spend a peaceful evening in this restaurant, having some deep conversations and eating some delicious fast food.

Address: 350, Amrit Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal
Must try: Carnivore Pizza, Prosciutto Caprese Sandwich, Salad du Chef, Ravioli Pesto

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If you want to experience Nepal’s love for food, Kathmandu is the best place to be. The capital city also has many tourist attractions and adventure spots. If you ever visit Nepal, you must spend enough time in Kathmandu, otherwise you will miss out on a lot of fun. And make sure you dine at these amazing restaurants in the city. So, plan a trip to Kathmandu for the most fascinating Nepal holiday experience.

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