Kamila Valieva Biography, Olympic Career, Early Life and Education!

Kamila Valieva Biography

Russian role model skater Kamila Valeryevna Valieva is a young girl of eighteen. She is the Russian national medalist three times in a row, winning silver in 2021 and 2023 and bronze in 2024. She is also the 2022 European champion, 2021 Rostelecom Cup champion, and the 2021 Skate Canada champion.

Kamila Valiev Biography

Russian graph skater, a dancer, businesswoman, and online social networking persona Kamila Valieva is also known as Kamila Valeryevna Valieva. She won the Russian national championship in 2022, the European championship in 2022, and the Rostelecom Cup in 2021.

The Skate Canada International Championship in 2021, and the Russian National Silver Medal in 2021. In terms of the female short scheme, permitted skateboarding, and overall scores, Valieva currently holds the world records. She has shattered nine world records in her professional career.

Kamila Valiev Olympics Career

At the 2021 CS Finlandia Trophy, Valieva made her initial appearance as a global senior competitor by finishing third in the short program.

With an overall score of 265.08 points, she set a world record with a free skating score of 174.31 points. At the 2021 Skate Canada International, she made her senior Grand Prix debut by winning the short program with her own ideal score of 84.19.

Valieva’s second task was the 2021 Rostelecom Cup, in which she finished with a total score of 272.71 after earning 87.42 points in the short program. She made it to the Grand Prix Final, but COVID-19 restrictions prevented her from competing.

Valieva won the European Championships in Tallinn, Estonia, and finished first in the short course at the Russian Championships in 2022. She was selected for the Russian Olympic team and took first place in the team competition’s women’s free skate.

However, an inquiry into potential injecting claims caused the award ceremony to be delayed. On February 15, Valieva participated in the Winter Olympics and finished first in spite of a stumble during a triple Axel. Because of the IOC and ISU bans, she placed fourth in the free skate.

Kamila Valiev Biography

Kamila Valieva Early Life and Education

On April 26, 2006, Valieva was born in Kazan, in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan. The eighteen-year-old girl is of Russian nationality and follows Christianity.

Her ethnicity is Volga Tatar. Although she goes by the Russian name Valerievna, her father’s actual name is a Tatar named Ravil, a “armed forces man who currently resides in Crimea,” according to her family.

She finished her education in Russia at a high school in the neighborhood. Leva (Lyova), a Pomeranian that Valieva received as a gift from fans in 2019, is her only pet dog.

Valieva’s mom registered her in athletics, ballet, and competitive skating classes when she was very young, but after she turned five, she was urged to concentrate only on skating.

She mentioned Nathan Chen as one skater who’s technique and skating ability she finds admirable. She prefers to compete in white Edea Piano skating shoes with silver cutting edges, as does teammate Alexandra Trusova.

Kamila Valiev Career

In 2009, Valieva started skating at Kazan’s RSDUSSHOR. She received instruction from Ksenia Ivanova at first, then by Marina Kudriavtseva, Igor Lyutikov, and Natalia Dubinskaya. Her parents relocated her to Moscow whenever she turned six so she could attend SSHOR Moskvich.

Valieva moved skating clubs to Sambo-70 in the spring of 2018, after Eteri Tutberidze made the decision to let Valieva connect with her group. Videos of Valieva’s age 4 debut opposition and her age 9 competitors are accessible.

The recordings of Valieva’s brief program, which was motivated by Pablo Picasso’s painting Girl on a Ball and was dedicated to Spiegel Im Spiegel by Arvo Part, went viral in the 2018–19 season prior to her global debut. It was Tutberidze’s favorite show of the year, according to her.

Kamila Valieva as a Junior World Champion

In August 2019, Valieva competed internationally for the first time, winning the gold medal at the junior Grand Prix in Courchevel, France. She turned the 4th junior woman to score more than 200 points in the present GOE system and she was also the second female skater who landed a quadrupled toe looping process in competition.

Following that, she earned a spot in the Junior Grand Prix Final in Turin, Italy for 2019–20. Valieva participated in the 2020 Russian Junior Championships and took home the title that’s despite an injury of minor magnitude.

She qualified for the 2020 World Junior Championships with the Russian team, where she won the younger World Championships while establishing a new private record. Valieva and Liu, who had just successfully maintained their titles at the senior-level 2020 U.S. Championships, squared off in the World Junior Championships.

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