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The series “Kaleidoscope”, allowing Netflix subscribers to be viewed in any order, failed to seduce critics, but was nevertheless a great success with Internet users.

5040. That’s the number of different combinations available to Netflix subscribers to watch its new mini-series, Kaleidoscope. An original concept for this program following the preparation, the accomplishment and then the consequences of a robbery.

Many Internet users were seduced by this series with its completely new narration, which currently sits in first place in the ranking of the most viewed series on Netflix:

But this enthusiasm was not at all shared by American critics, the series having only received average or even mediocre ratings as a whole, as evidenced by this extract from the review published by our colleagues from Variety for who “the series is simply not successful”.

An observation broadly shared by the magazine of Hollywood Reporter who deplores the lack of originality of the program beyond its concept, while the drafting of CNN describes the series as “watchable, but unconvincing”.

On the French side, the series seems to have been more appreciated by the press, and in particular by our colleagues from Le Parisien, who give the score of four stars (out of five) to the series: “Kaleidoscope certainly has a playful effect. Its mechanics are a real success that make you want to devour the eight episodes. However, this plot full of suspense and surprises, which will delight fans of heist stories”.

Faced with such clear-cut opinions, it therefore seems necessary for everyone to form their own opinion by starting – in the order of their choice of course – the viewing of the eight episodes of the Kaleidoscope mini-series, available exclusively on Netflix.

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