Kaleidoscope on Netflix: in what order should you watch the series to follow the story chronologically? – News Series


Netflix has unveiled a viewing order for subscribers who would like to watch the “Kaleidoscope” miniseries in chronological order of its episodes.

On January 1, Netflix unveiled its new Kaleidoscope mini-series. For the occasion, a new format has been offered to platform subscribers, since it is possible to follow the program by watching its episodes in any order, i.e. 5040 different combinations!

Start at the end of the series to discover how the robbery at the heart of the series was organized; start directly with the episode of the heist, then go up the thread of events as you go; or on the contrary discover the consequences of the operation before getting to know the protagonists…

All of this is possible, since YOU choose the order in which you will watch Kaleidoscope!

But in the event that some viewers wish to follow the series in the chronological order of the events described, do not worry since Netflix has published a viewing guide which should prove very useful for this segment of the public.

Each of the episodes bears the name of a color, so here is the order to follow to follow the series from its beginning, a quarter of a century before the robbery, until its outcome, six months after the heist: purple – green – yellow – orange – blue – white – red – pink.

The platform nevertheless encourages each Internet user to share their own viewing order, because the 5040 combinations offered guarantee a similar feeling of pleasure to their viewers!

The Kaleidoscope mini-series is available exclusively on Netflix.

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