Kaamelott: who is this character in the post-credits scene?

You know his face, are you sure you saw him at some point in the story, but his name escapes you? Find out who is this mysterious character that we see in the post-credits scene of “Kaamelott”.

WARNING – The article below contains spoilers, insofar as it comes back to the end of “Kaamelott – First part”, and in particular the content of its post-credits scene. So please go your way if you haven’t seen the film yet.

All’s well That ends well ? At the end of this first part of Kaamelott at the cinema, Arthur (Alexandre Astier) has managed to take back his throne from Lancelot (Thomas Cousseau), and Horsa (Sting) launches him on the quest for the Grail. But a threat lurks in the shadows. And she reveals herself during the credits. When we see a man crawl, visibly in a bad shape, and pull off his hood after he is painfully put on his back.

And this is Méléagant, a character who appeared at the very end of season 4 and who has long been referred to as “The Man in Black”, before revealing his true identity. Presented as the response of the gods to the adulterous fault of Arthur and Mevanwi (Caroline Ferrus), while they are respectively husbands of Gueniève (Anne Girouard) and Karadoc (Jean-Christophe Hembert), he is also the one who made the switch Lancelot to the dark side.

Kaamelott: who is this character in the post-credits scene?

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Méléagant (Carlo Brandt) in the series “Kaamelott”

Is it because of the defeat of his foal that Méléagant, still played by Carlo Brandt, also seems weakened? Like Thanos at the end of the first Avengers, after Loki’s failure, he should be Arthur’s main opponent in Kaamelott’s second film installment. But how will he stand out? The character appears in different accounts related to Arthurian legend, and his origins vary from one to another.

The series by Alexandre Astier, and the film that follows from it, is closer to what is described in “Lancelot or the Knight of the Cart” by Chrétien de Troyes. Except that it is Lancelot who occupies his role as villain on the small and big screen, while he pulls the strings in the shadows. After the outcome of the First part, he will therefore have to leave it to enter the light. But we’ll have to be very patient before we find out how he’s going to oppose Arthur.

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