Kaamelott: who is Lucan, the knight with the cuttlefish?

Who is really the mysterious “Lucan”, the young man whom Arthur meets at the bend of the forest, gathered around an improvised round table with Bohort and Gauvain?

Kaamelott: who is lucan, the knight with the cuttlefish?

Kaamelott – First part introduces us to several new characters, one of which seems to have a bright future: Lucan, the knight with the cuttlefish. It is about a young boy who attends the clandestine meetings of a makeshift round table set up by Bohort and Gauvain in the forest.

The relaunch of the quest for the Grail and the reconquest of the kingdom of Logres by Arthur will need all the volunteers and among them the young Lucan (Ethan Astier, son of Alexandre), who chooses as his favorite animal a cuttlefish, a mollusk with 10 tentacles.

We also see at the end of the film that the hilt of his sword is engraved with a representation of the beast. Finally, we are also introduced to Girflet and Bedever, Lucan’s cousins ​​in the Arthurian gesture.

Because yes, the character of Lucan does exist in the novels inspired by Arthur Pendragon. There is a “Lucan the bottler”, a simple man who becomes a knight at the Round Table with the heraldry of a cervier wolf. He is then named Arthur’s butler, the one in charge of supplying the king with wine (an important role since he ensures that the sovereign is not poisoned).

Kaamelott: who is lucan, the knight with the cuttlefish?


Extract from the trailer for “Kaamelott – First part” with Lucan

In Death King Artu, Lucan is killed by Arthur, suffocated or crushed by an embrace described as accidental in the Portuguese and Castilian translations of the story. This is more subject to interpretation in the French version, which mentions that Arthur “powerfully” hugs Lucan, which kills him, but leaves out the accidental aspect of the thing.

Voluntary or not, if this sad fate were preserved in Kaamelott, one could imagine that Arthur, very sensitive to the question of descent and his desire for paternity, would bear the brunt of the death of this child in his arms and his father. hand.

We can also imagine that Lucan will have a completely different destiny and that he symbolizes the Resistance and the fact that the youth are with Arthur against the tyranny established by Lancelot and that it will help him find the mythical Grail. Answer in the future Second and Third parts.

In the meantime, “Kaamelott” is still in theaters, and we find there the very particular vocabulary of its creator:

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