Kaamelott: which characters from the series are missing from the film?

Even if “Kaamelott – First part” (in theaters since yesterday) brings together on the big screen almost all of the heroes present in the original series of Alexandre Astier, some secondary characters do not appear in the film. Beware, spoilers!

Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Perceval, Karadoc … Almost all of the heroes of the series created by Alexandre Astier are back on the big screen since yesterday in Kaamelott – First part, whose action takes place 10 years later.

However, even if they are very rare, some characters do not appear in the cast of the feature film. From Master of Arms to Ygerne de Tintagel, here is the list of all those who do not appear in the film.

Ygerne de Tintagel

M6 / Dies Irae

Undoubtedly to Arthur’s great relief, his uncompromising mother (whom we had often had the opportunity to meet in the series, played by Josée Drevon) does not appear in the cast of Kaamelott – First part. It’s the same thing for her sister Cryda, even more horrible than her, and played by Claire Nadeau in a few episodes of books III to VI.

Caius Camillus

M6 / Dies Irae

Much to the regret of his interpreter Bruno Salomone – who had adored playing in the Kaamelott series – this sympathetic Roman centurion a little victimized by the Knights of the Round Table is also absent from the feature film. “Hyper disappointed” not to be part of the adventure, the actor had recently declared at the microphone of Figaro that he would have even agreed to play “a guy who walks in the back and says nothing. “


M6 / Dies Irae

Hilarious and recurring in the first four seasons of Kaamelott (France) (Comédie,Historique)”>Kaamelott, the very patient servant of Queen Guinevere is also one of the characters that we do not find in the cinema. Absent since Book V, the one who had never stopped courting the Chevalier Perceval has probably ended up getting tired of waiting for her beloved to understand something about the situation.

Attila, leader of the Huns

M6 / Dies Irae

Present from the fifth episode of book I of Kaamelott, this supposedly bloodthirsty barbarian leader was among the first military enemies Arthur encountered in the series, although he was rarely seen again. No doubt convinced by the deer meat simmered in the honey that the King of Brittany had ceded to him, he therefore did not come back to attack him on the big screen.

The Witch Doctor

M6 / Dies Irae

Rather rare in the series but hilarious with each appearance, this cruel inquisitor played by Elie Semoun – who had tried to condemn Merlin to the stake and Arthur to monogamy – is unfortunately not back in the cinema. Yet we would have imagined conspiring alongside Lancelot, Father Blaise and King Lot.


M6 / Dies Irae

Raised by polar bears and played by actor Thibault Roux in the series Kaamelott, this merciless and brainless Viking warrior (hired by Lancelot to protect Arthur from a possible scorpion attack) does not repeat itself in the feature film. No doubt the ex-king of Brittany ended up succeeding in getting rid of his very cumbersome protection.


M6 / Dies Irae

Son of Léodagan and Séli, the younger brother of Queen Guinevere who is inexplicably nicknamed the Knight of the Lion is not included in the cast of Kaamelott – First part, unlike his best friend Gauvain, who joined the ranks of Chevalier Bohort. Immature but endearing stupid, eternal adolescent, would Yvain (played by Simon Astier, Alexandre’s half-brother) figure among the victims of Lancelot, who had started to hunt down all the knights at the end of book VI? Hopefully not.

The fencing master

M6 / Dies Irae

No more sword training and humiliating insults for Arthur in Kaamelott – First part ! Its energetic but nevertheless faithful master of arms embodied by the excellent Christian Bujeau has not gone from the small to the big screen. An irresistible and recurring character in the original series, let’s hope that he too will have escaped a disastrous fate.

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