Kaamelott trailer: Arthur is back in the film by Alexandre Astier

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“Kaamelott – First part”, it’s just a month away at the cinema! And the film by Alexandre Astier, which follows his series, is finally revealed with a real trailer in which everyone is looking for Arthur.

This time, it’s the right one: while we entered the final straight line that separates us from its release, Alexandre Astier finally unveils the first real trailer for the cinema adaptation of Kaamelott, expected on July 21 on our screens.

To say the footage was long overdue by fans is an understatement, and it’s funny how the trailer plays on that notion as well, opening up to the question everyone is having about the island of Brittany: where is Arthur Pendragon (Alexandre Astier)?

The ex-king having already appeared on the character posters revealed a few days ago, the mystery is very quickly solved, while Lancelot and his mercenaries make reign of terror on the kingdom of Logres, as also specified in the official synopsis. . Which mentions a divine intervention to explain the hero’s return to life.

In addition to the humor of the series, which can be found in particular in the exchange between Arthur and the duo Perceval – Karadoc, who have become resistant, the feature film intends to impress us with its sets, its costumes, a hint of magic and even real catapults.

All with familiar faces, between main characters and guests (Christian Clavier, Antoine de Caunes, Géraldine Nakache, Alain Chabat…), and a handful of newcomers, including Guillaume Gallienne and Sting. A big cast for what promises to be the first part of a trilogy awaited for many years, and in which Arthur will have to unite the rebel clans, overthrow his rival Lancelot, take back Kaamelott and restore peace on the island of Brittany . The program promises to be rich, and the festivities begin in a month.

When the characters of “Kaamelott” appear:

Kaamelott trailer: arthur is back in the film by alexandre astier

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