Kaamelott: The Theory About The End Of The Movie [SPOILERS]

While “Kaamelott – First part” is in theaters since July 21, return on a mysterious event which occurs at the end of the feature film, and on the theory which would allow to explain it. Beware, spoilers!

SPOILERS – Warning, the article below reveals potential spoilers. If you do not want to know the content, please do not read the following …

We are at the end of Kaamelott – First part. While the Burgundian army began to bombard Arthur’s castle, Arthur manages to enter it to face Lancelot, his former knight who made the Kingdom of Logres reign supreme for ten years. . The legitimate sovereign is now determined to recover his throne, even if it means crossing swords with his enemy.

As dark clouds gather in the sky, his trusty Excalibur sword, undoubtedly galvanized by his brand new determination, takes on an appearance that he had never seen before: flashed, the blade is in effect covered with thick blue smoke.

Yet, a few scenes earlier, when Arthur had just pulled it from the boulder where he had left it 10 years before, the sword had suddenly lost its usual glow. How then to explain this strong comeback of Excalibur in the hands of its carrier?

Kaamelott: the theory about the end of the movie [spoilers]


The answer to this question, according to our theory, is found in the scene before the final battle of Kaamelott – Premier volet (France) – 2019 (Comédie,Aventure,Historique)”>Kaamelott – First part. Indeed, between the moment when Arthur withdraws Excalibur from the rock (noting the loss of his powers), and when he draws it against Lancelot with tenfold power, a particularly important event occurs.

While accompanying Guinevere to the Ban Tower where she forgot their wedding flower crown, Arthur climbs the wall and finds his queen at the top. They then exchange – for the very first time in Kaamelott – a passionate kiss.

Kaamelott: the theory about the end of the movie [spoilers]

M6 / Dies Irae

Kaamelott: the theory about the end of the movie [spoilers]

This scene, particularly awaited by the fans, is major for the whole plot of the saga, and very probably reshuffles the cards on many levels. Indeed, by sharing this sincere embrace with Guinevere, Arthur conjures a curse, so to speak, and in any case repairs the fault he had committed in Book IV, when he had exchanged a wife with Karadoc, despite divine warnings.

In episodes 23 and 24 (The exchange, parts 1 and 2), the King of Brittany had indeed married Mevanwi instead of Guinevere, who had already fled with Lancelot. It was from this precise event that things had started to turn badly in the Kingdom of Logres, evolving towards the desertion of many knights, the banishment of the Lady of the Lake by the gods, the abandonment of Excalibur to the rock, Arthur’s abdication and, ultimately, his exile in the face of Lancelot’s seizure of power.

Kaamelott: the theory about the end of the movie [spoilers]

M6 / Dies Irae

The hero of Kaamelott had received several warnings. “Hands off the knight’s wife, Arthur. The gods will take it as an affront “, had thus announced to him the clairvoyant Prisca in episode 87 of Book III.

Then, in episode 50 of Book IV, when the exchange of wives had already taken place, the character received the following prophecy: “Century of tears, howls / Gods day, king of Logres makes an affront / Du Lac fighting brother with sword / Woman of Vannes married commits fault / Panic, ruin, end of a world / On Earth without demon or witch / Comes lonely fears god of the Dead / From heaven to insult the Answer. “

“The Answer”, in parentheses, is also the term used by Méléagant (Lancelot’s malicious mentor) to introduce himself to the Lady of the Lake in Book V, thus designating him probably as the famous “god of the dead” of The prophecy.

Kaamelott: the theory about the end of the movie [spoilers]

M6 / Dies Irae

That being said, logically, just as the affront committed by Arthur when he got rid of Guinevere had drawn the anger of the gods in him, the kiss he exchanges with her at the end of the film allows him to regain their favor, and therefore to draw an Excalibur brighter than ever.

Who is Méléagant really? Has Arthur definitely regained the trust of the gods? So what happened to the Lady of the Lake? Has it regained its original status?

Hopefully we’ll be able to discover Kaamelott – Part Two at the movies as soon as possible, to get answers to all these new questions.

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