Kaamelott: the intriguing declaration of Alexandre Astier on the second film – teller report

Kaamelott: the intriguing declaration of alexandre astier on the second film - teller report

Of passage on the set of Quotidien to evoke the success of “Kaamelott – First part” (in theaters since July 21), Alexandre Astier very briefly teased the second film of his trilogy, with a formula to say the least enigmatic.

With 2,500,000 French admissions recorded by Kaamelott – First installment (which make it the biggest success in theaters since the start of the pandemic) but also a nice international career, Alexandre Astier recently visited the plateau of Day-to-day to take stock of this first Arthurian adventure in the cinema … and the rest of the events.

The opportunity for him to talk about his character’s journey, Arnaud Klein’s record attempt (who has already seen the film 162 times) and finally, very briefly and very mysteriously, the rest of the program for the Kaamelott trilogy.

“Maybe the 2 won’t really be a single 2.”

After hesitating for a few seconds on what he could afford to reveal or not, Astier said: “I would like to tell you something, anyway […]. Maybe the 2 won’t really be a single 2. Or something like that. “

The enigma is released. But how should it be interpreted? Will the second part of Kaamelott be released in two parts? Will it contain different parallel temporalities, like The Godfather, Part 2? Will it be linked to a new season of the series? All interpretations are currently possible.

While waiting to learn more, (re) discover our interview with Alexandre Astier …

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