Kaamelott the film: Alexandre Astier “prepared something” for Thomas Pesquet

Will Thomas Pesquet really be able to preview “Kaamelott” in space? Live from the ISS, the astronaut hinted that Alexandre Astier was on the spot.

While a petition was recently launched by Kaamelott fans so that Thomas Pesquet can preview Alexandre Astier’s film from space, the astronaut has just reacted on Twitter by specifying that “something” was actually preparing.

“No worries, I spoke to the King before I left and he prepared something for me. It will help me when I get big on this space quest. Thank you Sire @AAstierOff and @Kaamelott_tweet! “

But what exactly is the surprise that Alexandre Astier has in store for Thomas Pesquet? The astronaut, a big fan of Kaamelott to the point of taking the entire series to the ISS, would he also have embarked a copy of the feature film, in order to watch it exclusively around July 21?

Kaamelott – Will the first part become the first film to be premiered in space? For Astier, a great fan of astrophysics, it is difficult to aim higher.

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