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While astronaut Thomas Pesquet has brought the entire “Kaamelott” series with him to the international space station, some fans are already planning to organize a preview for him in the stars.

“Sire, do you think that one day it will be possible to go to space?”

As he innocently whispered this metaphysical question to a somewhat pissed off Arthur while gazing at the stars, in Kaamelott’s Book III, Perceval now has his answer.

Indeed, the Knight of Wales, as well as all his merry companions of the Round Table, can now declaim their famous lines from the ISS (the international space station).

The person responsible for this unusual situation: Thomas Pesquet, famous French astronaut who took off last Friday for a stay of 6 months in orbit, and who did not fail to take the complete Kaamelott in his luggage, just to take his mind off things, according to our colleagues from Point.

Always passionate about space and astrophysics, Alexandre Astier – who has also devoted a whole one-man-show to this vast subject in Exoconference – was therefore finally able to leave Earth by roundabout means, now yelling at his broken knights arms from the top of the ISS.

Kaamelott: 20 words that you only hear in the series

By discovering Thomas Pesquet’s love for the Astier series, some fans were quick to step up a gear, and to launch a petition on the site My Opinions to make the French astronaut the first spectator of the feature film Kaamelott, expected in our theaters on July 21.

But is the thing technically feasible? Will Kaamelott become the first film to premiere in space? And will Thomas Pesquet exclusively discover Arthur’s new adventures?

While waiting for the answer to this question, he can in any case savor the 6 seasons of the series. Knowing that in space … no one will hear him laugh.

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