Kaamelott season 6: where had we left the characters?

“Kaamelott – Premier Volet” is set ten years after the events of the season 6 finale of the Kaamelott series. A quick look back at the situation of the main characters where we left them in 2009.

While Kaamelott – First installment arrives in theaters to the delight of fans, it must be remembered that not everyone knows the universe of the series inside out, especially since it took to the film ten years to see the light of day.

To simplify your life as a spectator, here is the presentation of each character of Kaamelott the series, and the indication of where we left it at the end of season 6, broadcast in 2009. The series is currently available in full on Salto.



Lancelot was Arthur’s military adviser to the Round Table. Disagreeing with the way the king handles Kaamelott (and because he has views on Queen Guinevere), the knight becomes a separatist (Book IV) before hiding and being convinced by a certain Méléagant that he can find the Grail and “bring light to the Earth” if it wipes out Arthur’s reign. At the same time, he receives full powers over the kingdom of Brittany from an exhausted Arthur. For Lancelot, this appointment marks the beginning of a reign of terror, which is still active when the film begins.

Bohort de Gaunes


Member of the Round Table, cousin of Lancelot, he is loyal to King Arthur in all circumstances, although having little interest in martial matters. In the last episode of Book VI, he goes to Arthur’s bedside and with Gauvain, manages to escape the guards of Lancelot, who has become the tyrant of Brittany.



Son of King Lot of Orcania and Anna of Tintagel, Gauvain is King Arthur’s nephew. He is very good friends with Yvain, son of Léodagan and Dame Séli. When Lancelot gains power in Kaamelott, he is seen about to be stopped by guards, but thanks to Bohort’s intervention, he manages to escape and together they plunge into the forest.

Elias de Kelliwic’h


Enchanting Brittany following Merlin’s resignation (S05E09), Elias is a greedy and unscrupulous enchanter. He helps Mevanwi learn magic, then sits on the Round Table under the regency of Léodagan and Séli, before not being seen again until the end of the series. The trailer for “Kaamelott – First part” tells us that he stayed with Léodagan and Séli and lives in the Carmelite.



The slave-robber who tries throughout the series to sell Arthur human labor at unbeatable prices (and each time encountering the refusal of the sovereign), is ultimately the one who, at the end of the series, carries Arthur very badly on a boat en route to Rome to save his life.



Introduced to magic by the enchanting Elias, Mevanwi is the wife of Karadoc. She has since been Arthur’s companion, very shortly, before their union was called off. She then manipulates the jurisconsult in order to destroy the annulment act and therefore again becomes Queen of Brittany. She then drives Léodagan and Dame Séli from power and appoints Karadoc regent. When Lancelot takes his place with Arthur’s blessing, Mevanwi stays at the castle and, according to the film’s trailer, supports the totalitarian regime in place.

Karadoc of Vannes


Former knight of the Round Table and friend of Perceval, Karadoc had become the regent of Kaamelott in place of Arthur. Except that nobody listened to him and that he chose to leave the place. After returning power to his ruler, Karadoc took over the head of his independent clan, the Semi-Crispers.

The Jurisconsult


A lawyer in Kaamelott, he was manipulated by Mevanwi, who used him to find the act of annulment of the exchange of wives between Arthur and Karadoc, destroy it and thus seize the throne of Kaamelott (Book V). Initially destined to come to the castle only to sort out targeted issues, he obviously stayed, if we are to trust the trailer which sees him serving as an advisor to Lancelot.



Knight allied with King Lot of Orcarnie, he takes part (a little follower and without understanding everything) in the various plots fomented by this lover of useless Latin quotes. After his alliance with Lancelot against Arthur, the latter pardons him but drives him away and forbids him to return to Kaamelott. Now that the castle is in Lancelot’s hands, he is now a member of the council.

King Lot of Orcarnie


Married to Arthur’s half-sister, King Lot had already participated in a plot against Arthur by allying with Lancelot when the latter had seceded from Kaamelott (see Book IV). He was spared by the King of Brittany who consigned him to his country and all his allies (see S05E01).

Father Blaise


Initially, Father Blaise was hired to record the exploits of the Round Table. At the end of Book VI, he goes to Tintagèle in order to write down certain recent parts of Arthur’s life. He is convinced by the latter to let it go, because a suicidal king is neither the example nor the memory of what Arthur wishes to leave for future generations. However, he agrees to tell his story to Father Blaise. The latter remained in Kaamelott, in the service of Lancelot.

The Lady of the Lake


The Lady of the Lake or the fairy Viviane was Lancelot’s nurse and accompanies the divine elect, the one who was able to remove Excalibur from the rock: King Arthur. When the latter becomes an offense to the gods by marrying the wife of another knight, the Lady of the Lake is deposed and sent to Earth without power. This is how we leave it, banished until the quest for the Grail is relaunched.

Leodagan of Carmelid


Father of Guinevere and husband of Dame Séli, Léodagan is a fine strategist and an accomplished soldier. During Arthur’s reign, he was very opposed to the sovereign who did not have the same radicalism as him in decision-making. When Arthur gives up the throne, he manipulates his daughter to become regent of the kingdom of Brittany. He is ousted by Mevanwi, and he and Lady Seli leave Kaamelott following the advent of the tyrannical reign of Lancelot.

Lady Seli of Carmelid


Wife of Léodagan and mother of Guinevere (Arthur’s wife), Séli returned to Carmelid following Arthur’s suicide attempt and Lancelot’s totalitarian reign, taking with her (shows us the trailer for Kaamelott – First part) Elias, Kaamelott’s other magician after Merlin.

Queen Guinevere


Guinevere is the daughter of Léodagan and Dame Séli, and the legitimate wife of Arthur. We learn at the end of Book VI that she returned to live with her parents in Carmel. She goes to see Arthur at his bedside and reveals to him that by attempting to commit suicide, he tried to make his queen feel guilty like the other inhabitants of the castle. After her visit to Arthur, she leaves for Carmelite.

Perceval de Galles


A member of the Round Table, Perceval is a confidant and staunch ally of Arthur, despite his limited capacity for understanding. He reacts in the first degree to many things and has difficulty performing the béaba of what is expected of a knight. He sits alongside his friend Karadoc when the latter becomes regent of Kaamelott, but when Lancelot recovers power, they are driven from the throne.



It was Kaamelott’s druid. In Book V, Merlin failed to cure Arthur of his anemia, but the Enchanter mostly accuses his king of not wanting to be cured. At the end of Book VI, we see Merlin on top of a Kaamelott rampart, finding horrified that Lancelot has decided to hunt down all of Arthur’s allies in order to end their lives.

Arthur pendragon


King struck by depression, rejected by the gods, having learned that he will never have descendants, Arthur tried to end his life at the end of season 5. He is found bedridden during the 6th and final season. , fleeing Brittany to escape Lancelot who wants him dead. He finds refuge in Rome, and there his fate ends on television. The rest is now happening on the big screen.

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