Kaamelott: rediscover the tasty blooper from Book III

Corentin palanchini

Corentin Palanchini

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While “Kaamelott – First part” is still in theaters, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the series with this little blooper from Book III.

Kaamelott: rediscover the tasty blooper from book iii
Calt Productions / M6

Alexandre Astier, Franck Pitiot, Joëlle Sévilla, Jacques Chambon, Lionnel Astier … the actors of Kaamelott have often made us scream with laughter with the right word at the right time. Behind the scenes it was obviously not that easy to shoot, but it was apparently in a good mood.

We can see it in the blooper of Book III, with its many giggles, missed lines, blackouts and other unexpected blunders.

Book III took on a darker turn with the first encounters between Arthur and Mevanwi, Merlin outmatched by Elias and Arthur starting to tire of leading those he would call in the Kaamelott movie. “morons”. To see the atmosphere on the set, one would not say that the decline of Arthur began!

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