Kaamelott on AlloCiné: never seen since Avengers Endgame

Kaamelott on allociné: never seen since avengers endgame

While the film by Alexandre Astier gets off to an excellent start with 423,922 admissions in one day, the data linked to the consultation of “Kaamelott” on AlloCiné testify to an unprecedented commitment since “Avengers Endgame”.



He was expected, he did not disappoint. With 423,922 admissions recorded for its first day of operation (including 307,899 thanks to the previews of the day before), Kaamelott – First installment offers itself without trembling the head of the French box office on Wednesday, July 21, and s’ imposes as the most seen novelty. The film by Alexandre Astier even comes close to capturing Fast & Furious 9 the title of best start of the year, but Dominic Toretto keeps pole position with his 468,862 tickets torn on July 14.

But the important thing is not so much there for the rest of the series broadcast on M6 between 2005 and 2009. Because you have to go back to 2018 and La Ch’tite famille by Dany Boon (451,530 admissions) to see a French film make better. And the data related to its consultation on AlloCiné testify to a commitment that had not been seen for a little over two years and the release of the juggernaut Avengers Endgame.

AlloCiné has big!

While the audience for the film profile on AlloCiné climbed 100% on the day of its release (compared to 20 for Black Widow and around 15 for Cruella), Kaamelott came in second among the most rated films on the day of its release. its release on the site. Behind Avengers Endgame therefore.

But he is ahead of Tenet, who had the biggest score in the matter since the start of the pandemic. And very largely, with 80% more ratings over the same period of time. A figure that rises to 335% and 370% when we compare, respectively, its data to those of Black Widow and Fast & Furious 9.

With 1.3 million spectators attracted in one week, the latter won the title of best start of the year in France. But it could very quickly be dethroned, if the craze noted on AlloCiné is reflected in dark rooms.

Two films above 30,000 admissions on July 21

In the meantime, Kaamelott is alone in the lead among the novelties of July 21. Far, very far ahead of a competition that it has already put at a good distance. Because it seems almost impossible that one of the films released yesterday does not manage to make as many admissions in seven days as the opus of Alexandre Astier on the only day of Wednesday.

Should this be seen as the consequence of the implementation of the health pass, which conditions access to the rooms on presentation of a vaccination passport, a negative PCR test of less than 48 hours or an immunity certificate? ? This is perhaps not the only explanation, but it is clear that only two feature films attracted more than 30,000 viewers against four last week.

And the novelties and releases of July 14 (admittedly a holiday) had been seen by 630,336 people in total, against 498,130 yesterday, when there were more event films, with Spirale, Old by M. Night Shyamalan or even Space Jam 2.

The Warner film, which mixes animation and live shots and orchestrates the meeting between LeBron James and the Looney Tunes, is also the one that fares the best in the peloton, with an average of 103 spectators per copy. , and a total of 47,568 admissions, including previews. It will of course be necessary to observe the attendance figures for the next few days to see if the trend is reversed or accentuated, and if it impacts the good start of Kaamelott.

Note, however, the beautiful score of the release of In the Mood for Love. Wong Kar-Wai’s classic, which can be seen on 27 screens in France, drew 2,033 spectators, giving it the third best average on July 21, with 75 people per copy.

* Source: Cbo – Box-Office

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