Kaamelott First part: new revelations on the film by Alexandre Astier - cinema news

Kaamelott First part: new revelations on the film by Alexandre Astier – cinema news

The magazine Historia devotes part of its content to “Kaamelott – First part” and takes the opportunity to slip in some additional information, in particular the name of the character of Guillaume Galienne. SPOILERS TO COME.

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What follows reveals little secrets of the film Kaamelott – First part. Stop reading here to savor all the surprises.

Until now, Alexandre Astier has kept intact the details of the plot of his first feature film devoted to the universe of Kaamelott. The magazine Historia of December offers an interview with the director as well as a dossier devoted to King Arthur, and has managed to obtain some new information on points of details left unresolved by the only teaser currently available. Here are the main novelties present in the magazine folder :

  • The desert region that we see several times represents Roman Mauretania. At the time, it was divided into two: Mauretania Tintigane and Mauretania Caesarean. It is the latter that Alexandre Astier has chosen to locate part of his film.
  • Arthur lives in 484 CE, and his kingdom is on “the whole of the United Kingdom and Little Brittany, Aquitaine too, which almost goes down to Spain … then Visigoth Spain”, says A. Astier.
  • Guillaume Galienne plays a character named Alzagar.
  • Clovis Cornillac plays Quarto.
  • The young boy we see in the teaser is Arthur young, sent to the “legion” in Mauretania.
  • A photo shows François Morel and Gilles Graveleau, who take over their roles of Belt the winegrower and Roparzh the peasant respectively. Both are described as two “dung smelling dung“.
  • Géraldine Nakache is back to play the Duchess of Aquitaine, who appeared in season 5 of the series.
  • Finally, a photo shows Lancelot threatening Mevanwi with his dagger.

Alexandre Astier also declares, about Lancelot, the great villain of this feature film (and perhaps of the following two parts, already written):

Lancelot took power at the end of season 6, ten years have passed, and he’s mad, drunk with the urge to find Arthur and his knights. A witch hunt is organized. As such, he spends all of the kingdom’s money by paying Saxon mercenaries. Very inspired Saxons: they invaded Great Britain from the east, and in particular through the Isle of Thanet, which no longer exists today because the space between the island and the English mainland has been filled.

As for his vision of these Saxons, Astier says: “Originally, the Saxons are a German people, and my stylistic guideline for them is this: they are English from our 1980s. Pop or punk. They don’t naturally speak Arthur’s language, and they have communication problems. “ Pop or punk? From there to imagine that the character played by Sting is a Saxon, there is only one step …

Asked by Historia On the ten-year wait for the film to see the light of day, Astier prefers to respond on his current work on the feature film: “I admit that, if there is a new containment and it doesn’t come out for a year and a half, I’m going to continue to unravel and re-knit the film! I’m very worried about what I’m giving to the public, and, if I don’t have to work in an absolute emergency, I still feel that I can do better. “

Wait, when you hold us …

Even when he seceded from Kaamelott, Lancelot was endowed with cult replicas!

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