Kaamelott – First part: 2 new teasers with new images

A few days before the release of Kaamelott – First part, two new teasers have just been unveiled on the Web. Videos including some images never shown during the promotion.

It is on July 21 that the long wait of fans of the Kaamelott series will end with the release of the first film dedicated to Arthur Pendragon. This feature film, obviously directed by Alexandre Astier, will show Arthur’s return to his land after ten years of absence, while the tyrannical Lancelot is making terror reign there with his Saxon mercenaries.

Will the former king succeed in federating the resistance and retaking Kaamelott? Only a few more days of patience before finding out. In the meantime, two new 30-second teasers have just been released. Enough to put even more water to the mouths of the many aficionados of Astier’s work.

Especially since these videos reveal some new moments like Karadoc putting his vision of Arthur on the account of hallucinations or Bohort fainting when he sees his old friend.

In the second video, we discover for the first time a sequence with Lancelot, Dagonet, Father Blaise and King Loth of Orcania but also a scene with Alzagar (new character played by Guillaume Gallienne).

For this one, we must focus on the background where we see a person locked in a cage, who could well be Arthur … To be sure, see you in theaters next Wednesday!

Note that five days after the film’s release, more than 130,000 tickets have been sold for the premieres. Kaamelott – First installment could therefore beat another record after that of the best pre-sales for a French film (60,000 seats in 24 hours): the historic record for the number of viewers in previews for a French film.

Kaamelott‘s character-posters – First part:

Kaamelott - first part: 2 new teasers with new images

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Kaamelott: 20 character posters for Alexandre Astier’s event film

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