Kaamelott: after seeing the film 162 times, Arnaud Klein met Alexandre Astier – cinema news

Kaamelott: after seeing the film 162 times, arnaud klein met alexandre astier - cinema news

Coming to discuss the success of “Kaamelott – First part” on the set of Quotidien, Alexandre Astier was surprised to meet Arnaud Klein there, this fan who has set himself the goal of breaking the world record by going to see the film. … 203 times!

More than 41!

After watching Kaamelott – Premier film in cinemas 162 times (at the rate of 4 screenings per day), Arnaud Klein, the relentless spectator who set himself the goal of breaking the world record for viewing in the cinema for the same film ( currently held by Agustin Alanis for Avengers Endgame) was finally able to meet Alexandre Astier in the flesh.

Passing on the plateau of Day-to-day this Monday to evoke the success of his feature film, the interpreter of King Arthur indeed met the young marathon runner of the dark rooms. The opportunity for the latter to say a little more about his record attempt, specifying in particular that he had to go see Kaamelott 203 times (the previous record holder having recorded a score of 202 times), but also that he could not under no circumstances allow yourself the slightest nap during your sessions.

“I would have liked it, quite simply because I still see him 4 times a day”, said Arnaud Klein. “But there is the proof to provide for Guinness. I have to film myself at the beginning, in the middle and at the end, and always on the same sections because they do not know the film. If I miss one of the sections, the session is invalidated by the Guinness bailiffs. “

A very serious and very controlled performance, therefore, which should bring the competitor to a total of 406 hours of viewing! As for Alexandre Astier, who confided in being unable to see his own film as much as Arnaud, he nevertheless declared that it was “a much healthier record project than others. For example, swallowing hot dogs!”

Besides the prestige of entering the record books, the other advantage of this tedious exercise for Arnaud Klein is of course being able to answer any question concerning Kaamelott – Premier volet (France) – 2019 (Comédie,Aventure,Historique)”>Kaamelott – First part :

Next step for the young challenger: the record, which he believes should be broken in the middle of September. By then, Alexandre Astier will undoubtedly come to share a session with him, as he had declared last July.

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