Kaamelott: a cooking show with Perceval and Kadoc during confinement! – News Series

Kaamelott: a cooking show with Perceval and Kadoc during confinement! – News Series

The two actors of “Kaamelott” Franck Pitiot (Perceval) and Brice Fournier (Kadoc) met for the first episode of the gastronomic web-show ‘Des quiches et des hommes’!


Kaamelott fans will not argue that food is a major part of Alexandre Astier’s series. From the nibbles of Karadoc to the large buffets with which the Knights of the Round Table laugh, gastronomy has always been at the rendezvous of the six seasons and it is therefore not much surprise that two actors of the program met on the occasion of the first episode of the webcast Quiches and men.

Designed by Brice Fournier (Kadoc), well known to the people of Lyon for his restaurant Delicatessen, this gourmet sticker sees the latter tantalizing the taste buds of its subscribers by cooking a good meal with a guest. For this first issue, his sidekick is none other than Franck Pitiot, well known to fans of Kaamelott for his role Perceval. Beyond its culinary aspect, the show also allows the two men to split armor, exchange filming anecdotes, but also to visit the region to meet breeders and local businesses.

Good humor and good food, this is the winning recipe for the show Quiches and men to find on Youtube!

As a reminder, Kadoc and Perceval will be in the credits for the film Kaamelott, for the time always dated July 29, 2020 in our cinemas.

Discover the first episode of the Quiches et des hommes series (temporarily offline):


Also discover the pilot of the show with Jean-Christophe Hembert, alias Karadoc:

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