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While “Kaamelott – First part” is in theaters since July 21, and while waiting for the continuation of the trilogy in the cinema, here are some questions which one can ask oneself after having seen the film of Alexandre Astier. Beware, spoilers!

SPOILERS – Warning, the article below reveals potential spoilers. If you do not want to know the content, please do not read the following …


While he had nevertheless vowed never to re-comb his crown, here is Arthur back to the Kingdom of Logres after a decade of absence, his faithful Excalibur in hand, King of Brittany again. Even if Lancelot is still running and if the fortress of Kaamelott has been demolished by the Burgundian catapults, the hero camped by Alexandre Astier can now look to the future, and most likely pick up his things where he left them.

“So, the quest for the Grail … When do we start?,” asks Horsa (played by Sting), who intends to be part of the adventure and occupy a seat around the new Round Table that Arthur aims to create. Apparently determined to complete the mission entrusted to him by the gods, will the king finally manage to find the Grail?


No doubt the downfall of Lancelot – which “the man in black” had actively pushed to the throne in Book V of the series – prompted him to emerge from his lair. Kaamelott‘s big bad, in any case, is well and truly back, as we can see in the post-credits scene of the feature film.

Obviously very weakened (no doubt by the failure of Lancelot), crawling in the snow and the fallen leaves, Méléagant is probably already in the middle of his next move. But what exactly is he planning to do? And what is its real objective? Many question marks still surround this character, who can easily be considered the most enigmatic of Kaamelott.

Kaamelott: 5 questions we ask ourselves after the film - cinema news



After momentarily ceasing to blaze when Arthur removes it from the boulder again, the mythical Sword of Kings eventually regains its original power, and even more, when the time comes for the King to cross swords with Lancelot.

“There is a rumor that Excalibur has lost its powers, that the gods are no longer on Arthur Pendragon’s side”, brags the ex-knight when he finds himself face to face with his former sovereign. When the latter draws his sword, as the sky fills with clouds, his blade is now traversed by lightning and thick blue smoke, which have nothing to do with the light it emitted before.

How is it possible ? Would Arthur have managed to regain the trust of the gods? But in this case, what is the act that allowed him to rise in their esteem? The kiss he (finally!) Exchanged with Guinevere, just before, would it have something to do with this rebirth?


No more citadel, no more throne, and no more Round Table! Reduced to ashes by the Burgundian catapults on Arthur’s orders, Kaamelott’s castle in which the characters have been evolving since the beginning of the series has now disappeared.

The opportunity for the king and all his former knights to make a new start. While Arthur is already talking about fashioning another Round Table, he will also need to rebuild a fortress. But where ?

Will the new Kaamelott be erected on the rubble of the old one? Will Arthur go find another homeland for his family and his knights? And besides, will he finally manage to found a family alongside Guinevere? In any case, the path to change seems more open than ever.

Kaamelott: 5 questions we ask ourselves after the film - cinema news



Judging by the crown worn by the vaporous figure, it could very well be King Ban, Lancelot’s late father. Indeed, it is near the ruins of the castle of Ban – where Lancelot held Guinevere prisoner – that the ghostly apparition takes place.

Will the Lone Knight receive the help of his missing father – in addition to that which Meleagant will undoubtedly bring him – to satisfy his revenge?

Answer in Kaamelott – Second part, which we hope to be able to discover in theaters as soon as possible.

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