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Looking for cool Justin Bieber Selena Gomez tattoo ideas? We have what you need. Look at these amazing tattoo designs perfect for your next body art.

Justin bieber's selena gomez tattoo
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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have had a huge fan base in their careers.

When Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were dating, they were one of Hollywood’s most popular couples. Not only was their relationship very public, but they also got tattoos dedicated to each other, which also became the talk of the town.

Justin Bieber is known to be a big fan of tattoos which is very evident by the different tattoos he has on his chest, back, arms and even his leg. He started getting tattoos since he was just 16 and over the years he added more designs to his ever-growing collection of body art. The last tattoo he had was in 2021.

Selena Gomez is also a celebrity who has various tattoos on her body. She thinks music isn’t the only way she can express herself and tattoos can do that job for her. Selena Gomez has various tattoos dedicated to symbolic dates, words, even her albums, and these are very delicately placed on different parts of her body.

The two stars have different tattoos on different parts of them. The two stars have different tattoos and each tattoo means something special or is dedicated to someone special. When the pair were dating, they also got each other tattoos which they haven’t removed since their breakup, even after Justin got married to Hailey Baldwin.

Let’s go through some of the very popular tattoos of these two celebrities and if you like some, you can get them yourself.

Justin Bieber chest tattoos

Justin bieber chest tattoos
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Being a huge fan of tattoos, Justin Bieber has covered his entire chest in tattoos. Some of the initial tattoos are the Big Cross tattoo which sits right in the center of his chest representing religion and faith. On the corner of his left collarbone are the Roman numerals, 1975. This tattoo is dedicated to his mother’s birth year. The small crown symbol placed above the lion’s head is actually dedicated to Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is one of his musical idols and he got tattooed in August 2012.

Some other popular tattoos on his chest are the Yeshua tattoo, which is Hebrew for Jesus. The seagull tattoo is the first tattoo Justin has ever had, which was back in March 2010 on his birthday. This tattoo is inspired by his favorite novel, Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Another very famous tattoo on Justin’s chest is the Forgiveness Tattoo which was ruled in January 2014. It is placed on the right side of his waist. According to some sources, this is a very subtle message to the paparazzi who gave him a hard time. The lion tattoo on the right side of his chest is a symbol of courage and strength. The bear tattoo on the left side of his chest is a symbol of protection. All of these tattoos were done with thick and thin strokes of black ink. In some areas, a gray gradient has been made and some areas have been highlighted in white ink.

Justin Bieber Rose Tattoo

Justin bieber rose tattoo
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Another one of the much talked about Justin Bieber tattoos is a large rose design. This tattoo extends from her collarbone to her neck. The design was made by the famous tattoo artist Dr. Woo. Although many people speculated that this tattoo was in honor of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, who also has a rose tattoo on her back, Justin Bieber revealed that this tattoo was actually a reminder of the beauty. He said that rose was a constant reminder that even though he has flaws, beauty shines through in him even through the rough edges of life. The tattoo artist added some color like green and pink to the Rose to make it more attractive.

Justin Bieber Back Tattoos

Justin bieber back tattoos
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Justin Bieber added a quote from Psalm 119:105 in 2013. This quote states, “Your word is a lamp to my feet, a light to my way.” This quote was tattooed on his back. The tattoo artist wrote it in big black ink strokes and in cursive script.

On the back of the neck, the singer has tattooed angel wings, a symbol of protection, and his religious faith. Justin also has a treble clef tattoo, which is a musical symbol tattooed behind his left ear. On the left side of his back he tattooed the Stratford Culliotons mascot in honor of his grandfather who regularly took him to their matches. All of these tattoos were done in black ink strokes and no color was added.

Justin Bieber’s tribute to his mother

Justin bieber's tribute to his mother
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Justin Bieber has always said he loved his family and his close relationship with his mother. Of all of Justin Bieber’s tattoos, this one is super meaningful and the most special. On his left arm, Bieber tattooed his mother’s eye. In one of his interviews, he revealed that this tattoo was in honor of his mother so that she would always watch over him. This tattoo was done by BangBangNYC who is a famous tattoo artist and has done many of his tattoos. The artist has done a great job with this design to make it look as realistic as possible. Shades of black, gray and white have been used to complete this design.

Justin Bieber face tattoo

Justin bieber face tattoo
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One of Justin Bieber’s most controversial and popular tattoos is the one on his face. Justin Bieber got a tiny cross tattooed in the corner of Justin’s eye. This tattoo is a representation of her faith in her religion and in Jesus. This tattoo is also a representation of him finding purpose in life and in God. This tattoo is so small that it is barely visible. It was done in black ink.

If you are looking to create a simple yet cool design that represents your religious faith, then this design is something you should definitely consider. Although this design was placed close to the eye, it may be a little painful, however, it won’t take much time.

Selena Gomez Rose Tattoo

Selena gomez rose tattoo
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Recently, around December 2021, Selena Gomez unveiled her new rose tattoo. This design looks like a watercolor painting that seems to flow. The paint is a bright pink rose. Generally, a rose tattoo is symbolic of beauty and faith, however, what this tattoo means to Selena Gomez remains unknown. This tattoo is placed on her neck name and the tattoo seems to flow down her back. The artist used dark and light shades of pink color and to make the leaves they used shades of gray and green. If you are looking for beautiful artwork for your back, this tattoo is something you can consider.

Selena Gomez praying hands tattoo

Selena gomez praying hands tattoo
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At the 2019 American Music Awards, Selena Gomez unveiled another beautiful tattoo. This design consists of praying hands and a rosary. It is located on the upper part of his leg. This tattoo bears a very similar resemblance to the tag of a Justin Bieber tattoo. This tattoo was done with black ink and shades of gray.

In an interview, Justin Bieber revealed that he still has a tattoo of his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, on his arm, but he tried to cover it up with praying hands and some shading.

Selena Gomez Matching Tattoo

Selena gomez matching tattoo
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Selena Gomez has spoken a lot about her relationship and her special bond with her closest friends. She has 4 close friends and tattoos to honor each of them. This particular tattoo is the number one written on his rib cage. It’s a representation of his lifelong friendship with his friend Courtney Lopez. In one of her Instagram posts, Selena Gomez rubbing in the tattoo with the caption, you are the definition of terrifically and wonderfully done.

If you are looking for a special tattoo to honor your friends, this is something you can consider.

Selena Gomez rare tattoo

Selena gomez rare tattoo
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Selena Gomez is a talented artist who has had a lot of success in her career in the field of music as well as acting. In January 2020, she revealed a tattoo that had the word rare written on it. It was his way of honoring the hot and tough solo studio album called Rare. According to the singer, this song meant a lot to her and she always wanted to remember it by tattooing it on herself and making the lyrics immortal.

Selena Gomez Arrow Tattoo

Selena gomez arrow tattoo
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Everyone wants and deserves a friend like Selena Gomez. She is a very dedicated person and friend and has amazing ways of honoring those who are special to her. During a Julia Michael conversion, Gomez made a special appearance that surprised her fans and the two friends got tattoos of an arrow that pointed at each other when they held hands. If you are looking for a unique and special tattoo for your friend, this designer, something you can consider. It is small, simple and looks absolutely trendy.

Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber have several dedicated fans. One way to show your love for these singers is to get a tattoo in their honor. We hope you liked these designs, however, if you are looking for other tattoos, you can check out –

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