Justice League: Zack Snyder did not want to be paid for the reshoots

A few weeks before the release of his new cut of “Justice League”, the director Zack Snyder returned in a poignant interview on the extraordinary genesis of the film DC Comics.

Justice league: zack snyder did not want to be paid for the reshoots
Warner Bros. / DC

On March 18, the HBO Max broadcast of Zack Snyder’s Justice League will mark – except surprise – the epilogue of the production of the DC Comics film, designed as the cornerstone of the DCEU but whose critical and commercial failure ultimately led to the implosion of the superheroic connected universe. More than three years after leaving the project in full post-production following the suicide of his adopted daughter Autumn, Zack Snyder has agreed to give himself up for the very first time since the facts to our colleagues in Vanity Fair.

Coming back to finish his film after a significant mobilization of fans on social networks was not easy, but it was nevertheless a necessity to complete his mourning. The film is also dedicated to Autumn, who played a key role in the conception of Zack Snyder’s film: it is indeed by comparing his role of adoptive father to that of Jonathan Kent vis-à-vis Kal- El that the filmmaker conceived his whole vision of Superman in Man of Steel.

At the request of his wife Deborah Snyder, also producer of Justice League, Zack Snyder has never seen the film editing supervised by Joss Whedon. But being offered the opportunity to complete his version of the feature film, with the addition of never-before-seen scenes and even a new sequence involving Jared Leto’s Joker, was an opportunity for him to take revenge on the events and to afford artistic redemption. To ensure total creative freedom, he did not want to be paid for his work.

The filmmaker also returned to the conditions that surrounded his departure in 2017. If the decision to leave his directorial post was his, tensions inherited from the mixed success of his previous Batman v Superman had already dented the confidence of Warner Bros. towards the latter. Thus, it was notably demanded by the president of the studio Kevin Tsujihara to impose the presence on the set of Geoff Johns, artistic director of DC Entertainment, and Jon Berg, then co-head of Warner Bros. productions. The latter two have since been accused by Ray Fisher, the interpreter of Cyborg, of behavior “odious and unprofessional”, like Joss Whedon.

Justice League: Zack Snyder’s director’s cut finally has a French release date

Among the studio’s requirements at the time of main shooting, in addition to adding humor to “lighten” the tone of the film deemed too dark (the goal set for Zack Snyder was to reach the billion dollars at the box office) , there was the will not to exceed a duration of two hours. “How am I supposed to stage six characters and an alien who wants to take over the planet in just two hours? Finally, I can do it, it can be done, and besides, it has been done (referring to the Whedon’s version, note). But I didn’t see how to do it “, explains the filmmaker in the interview with Vanity Fair.

When leaving his post as director, Zack Snyder – who was unaware that Joss Whedon would change 3/4 of his film – took with him a raw black and white cut of his film, “in order to show it to his friends”. Faced with fan rumors, Warner Bros. then asked the filmmaker to put the film online, which the latter refused for three reasons: to prevent the studio from redeeming itself with the public with this version, to assert its artistic rights and not to feed the haters who would have attacked from more beautiful feature film. It was ultimately with creative control – and a budget of $ 70 million – that Snyder was able to complete the design of his film, which American fans will be able to discover from March 18 on the HBO Max platform.

In France, spectators will have to wait until April 22 for a confirmed release via the publisher’s official French twitter. DC Comics ; However, we do not know if the film will be offered to us in theaters, on a platform or directly on video.

The trailer for the new Justice League cut overseen by Zack Snyder:

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