Justice League on OCS: which scenes from his cut has Zack Snyder changed?  - Cinema News

Justice League on OCS: which scenes from his cut has Zack Snyder changed? – Cinema News

Visible on OCS since Wednesday, May 19, “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” is a cut in accordance with the initial vision of its director. But the latter has changed two scenes compared to what he planned in 2017.

Visible on OCS since Wednesday, May 19, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is not a simple director’s cut with a few additional scenes. It’s almost another movie, stripped of the footage added by Joss Whedon when he took over during post-production in 2017, although the story basically remains the same.

But it’s told in a different way, with a different visual ambition, a different arrangement of the narrative, characters who reappear or gain more space and thickness, and even a villain who changes his look. In short, a version much more faithful to the one Zack Snyder had in mind, and a montage close to the one he presented to Warner in early 2017 before being summoned to review his copy.

Contrary to what had been announced at first, Zack Snyder was finally allowed to do reshoots, to add scenes in the epilogue. But he also changed two sequences of his cut.


In 2017, the passage was clearly identified by spectators as one of the rare vestiges of Zack Snyder’s version: this opening credits illustrated by the cover of “Everybody Knows” by Leonard Cohen by Sigrid. Are two beautiful minutes without words, which show the void left by the death of Superman in humans (Lois Lane and Martha Kent in the lead) and recall the opening of Watchmen with “The Times They Are a-Changin” by Bob Dylan.

However, the sequence is absent from the new cut, which hinted that Joss Whedon had done Zack Snyder in 2017. And pretty well even. But this is not entirely correct. If the director of the first two Avengers revealed himself to have chosen the song that accompanies it, it is indeed to his predecessor that we owe the design of the credits. And that may explain why he deleted it from his version.

Zack Snyder has said it over and over again: he never saw the Justice League released in theaters in November 2017, which he calls “Frankenstein creature”. But he swore that his cut would not contain any footage that he himself hadn’t filmed. And this can also apply for a musical choice, since we owe him only the shots of the credits.

While Danny Elfman’s soundtrack has been remade by Junkie XL, he also may have wanted to move away from the opus supervised by Joss Whedon by drawing a line on this sequence, replaced by a more operatic credits where the cry of Superman’s agony, at the end of his fight against Doomsday in Dawn of Justice, resonates in the world and especially with his future allies.

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Superman is dying in new opening credits

But it can also be a point of view story. In Zack Snyder’s new montage, humans are not really present and the story focuses on the heroes, presented as deities lost between two worlds. By showing the future members of the League from the outset, the credits that we discovered in 2021 help to put this angle forward, in addition to giving weight to the notion of death, which runs through the (very) feature film. .


Justice League version 2021 opens with a death and ends on a note of hope. It’s hard not to see an echo of the personal story of Zack Snyder, who lost his daughter during post-production on the film in 2017 and described the completion this new edit represents as a cathartic experience.

And he was even able to shoot two additional sequences, located in the epilogue: the sequel to the Knightmare, a post-apocalyptic segment located on an Earth passed under the yoke of Darkseid; and this visit from Martian Manhunter (Harry Lennix) to Bruce Wayne, played by a significantly thinner Ben Affleck than during the main shoots.

In this scene, however, his interlocutor must have been a Green Lantern. And this from the previous version, because the post-credits scene had to revolve around the visit made by two of them to Bruce Wayne. An idea that Zack Snyder wanted to put back in his new cut, and he entrusted the role of John Stewart to Wayne T. Carr. Expected in Joel Coen’s Macbeth, the actor even participated in the reshoots… for nothing.

While Jojo Aguilar showed off the character’s look thanks to the concept art he authored, it was revealed that Zack Snyder’s plans clash with those of Warner. Because since 2017, the film project Green Lantern Corps fell into the water, in favor of a series intended for HBO Max and in which John Stewart should appear. In the guise of an actor other than Wayne T. Carr, who gave an overview of his participation, shot in a parking lot but cut during the editing.

It remains to discover the identity of the lucky one who will inherit the role of John Stewart. And how the series will be linked to the universe initiated by Man of Steel.

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