Justice League: live version or animated version? Compare!

In the latest DC film “Krypto and the Super-Animals”, the heroes of the Justice League are complete. Check out animated versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Cyborg.

The DC Animated Movie Krypto and the Super Animals was released this Wednesday, July 27 in our dark rooms.

Staged by Jared Stern and Sam Levine, the feature film to see from 6 years old, tells the adventures of Krypto, Superman’s super-dog. The latter is faced with an immense challenge: to save his master and the Justice League, kidnapped by Lex Luthor and his evil guinea pig Lulu. For this, he will have to team up with a gang of kind-hearted but rather clumsy animals.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Flash and Cyborg are therefore in danger and their destiny is in the hands of 2 dogs, a squirrel, a pig and a turtle…

First appeared in the DC Universe, in issue #210 ofAdventure Comics (March 1955), Krypto is sent into space by Jor-El, and arrives on Earth after Kal-El. He is then adopted by Superboy. If the television series broadcast in 2005 takes up this story, in the feature film, Krypto arrives at the same time as Superman and grows up alongside him.

While his master and the Justice League need him, Krypto loses his powers and will have to call on the league of Super-Animals!

Here is a comparison between the live and animated versions of Justice League heroes.


Justice league: live version or animated version? Compare!
Warner Bros.

Embodied by Henry Cavill in the latest feature films Zack SnyderSuperman is voiced by John Krasinsky in the original version of Krypto and the Super Animals.

In the animated film, the superhero of Metropolis lives with his super-dog, is already part of the Justice League and is about to marry the journalist Loïs Lane who is aware of his identity.


Justice league: live version or animated version? Compare!
Warner Bros. France

In Krypto and the Super-Animals, Batman is voiced by Keanu Reevesthe latter has also recently confided that he would like to embody a live version more old of the Batman.

Batman is Superman’s brother, even if the 2 heroes bicker, and are part of the Justice League. In the feature film, this competition results in the toys of the two dogs. Krypto plays with a Batman doll while that Ace has a Superman doll.

Embodied by Ben Affleck in the Justice League of Zack Snyder, the tenebrous hero is now interpreted by Robert Pattinson after taking on the features of Christian Bale in the movies of Christopher Nolan.


Justice league: live version or animated version? Compare!
Warner Bros. France

4 years after the movie Aquaman and 8 months before release ofAquaman and the lost Kingdomthe marine superhero returns to the cinema in an animated version.

With an arrival reminiscent of that of Arthur Curry embodied by Jason Momoa in Batman v Superman (2016), Aquaman is here dubbed by the actor and screenwriter Jemaine Clement.

The latter has already lent his voice to Sauron in the film lego batman.

Green Lantern

Justice league: live version or animated version? Compare!
Warner Bros. France

The biggest change is Green Lanternwho has not appeared in a feature film since the film by Martin Campbell in 2011.

Judged by all, including its main performer Ryan Reynoldsas was a disaster, the film seems to have chilled the studio, which hasn’t brought the green hero back since.

However, Zack Snyder attempted to include Green Lantern in Justice League and even shot a scene with Wayne T. Carr in the role, but Warner preferred to delete the sequence.

As a reminder, the studio is currently working on a series centered on Green Lantern for its HBO Max platform.

In Krypto and the Super-Animals, the character is a woman. This is Jessica Cruz, a heroine created by Geoff Johns and first appeared in July 2013 in Green Lantern #20.

This iteration is voiced by the actress Dasha Polanco in the original version.

Does this mean that the future Green Lantern of the series will be a woman? Suspense…


Justice league: live version or animated version? Compare!
Warner Bros. France

Embodied by Ezra Miller in the movies Batman v Superman and Justice Leagueand by Grant Gustin in the eponymous series, Flash is here dubbed by John Early seen in the series 30Rock and Search Party.

The hero endowed with extraordinary speed will have his solo film in theaters in June 2023 (directed by Andy Muschietti), but Ezra Miller’s recent run-in with the law has Warner in trouble.

If the studio does not plan to return the film with another actor; the feature film could either be broadcast directly on HBO Max, or be released in theaters, with very limited promotion.

In any case, the studio does not envisage a sequel with the actor in the casting.

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