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Following Ray Fisher’s remarks accusing him of having behaved inappropriately on the set of Justice League, director Joss Whedon took the floor to respond.

Justice League controversy Joss Whedon finally speaks Ray Fisher answers
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Cyborg doesn’t give up! Comedian Ray Fisher, interpreter of Cyborg in the DC Cinematic Universe, continues his campaign against alleged abuse perpetrated by part of the Justice League team, especially following the departure of Zack Snyder and intensive reshoots overseen by Joss Whedon . Jason Momoa (Aquaman in the DC Universe) had supported Fisher in his accusations. In an interview with Forbes, Fisher said:

“What deeply touched me and forced me to speak up was when I learned this summer that Joss had ordered that an actor’s shade be changed in post-production because he didn’t ‘didn’t like the color of his skin. “

For the first time since Fisher’s accusations against him this summer, the voice of Joss Whedon is heard on these questions, or almost. ScreenRant indeed managed to have an “anonymous representative” of the creator of Buffy, who defended him in these terms:

The individual who has [porté ces accusations] acknowledges that these are just things he heard from someone else and took for granted, when a simple check would have proven them wrong. As is the case with most films, there were a lot of people involved in the making of the final feature film, including editing, special effects, music, etc., including the colorimetric manager of the final tone. , color and ambiance. This process was complicated on this project due to Zack [Snyder] shot on film and Joss on digital, which meant the team, led by the same colorimetry manager from Zack’s previous films, had to reconcile the two.

Ray Fisher’s reaction was not long in coming, as he immediately spoke at the microphone of CinemaBlend and without mince words:

It’s very close to Berg’s version [qui disait] “Fisher was upset about [du mot] “Booyaa”. I have done my best to make sure that Joss Whedon and Jon Berg are not held fully accountable by others. But when they make these stupid apologies publicly, they make it difficult for me.

This answer requires some explanation. The first concerns the reference to “Booyaa”. In his initial accusations against some members of the reshoot team from Justice League, Jon Berg (former vice president of Warner Bros.) had denied Fisher’s comments and told Variety “I remember we wanted him to say ‘Booyaa’, which is Cyborg’s favorite expression in the animated series.”. A request which, again according to Berg, would have upset Fisher.

The second concerns the “others” that Fisher refers to. They are Geoff Johns (ex-head of the DC connected universe), Jon Berg and Toby Emmerich (CEO of Warner Bros), whom the actor accuses of having made racist remarks before the reshoots of Justice League. And these are the individuals Fisher intends to target in a lengthy interview that will be “published tomorrow”, he announces. To be continued, therefore …

In 2021 arrives the Director’s Cut version of Justice League by Zack Snyder, in the form of a miniseries for HBO Max: