Jurassic World on Netflix: at what age should you start seeing the animated series La Colo du cretaceous with your children?  - News Series on TV

Jurassic World on Netflix: at what age should you start seeing the animated series La Colo du cretaceous with your children? – News Series on TV

The third season of the cartoon “Jurassic World: La Colo du cretaceous” is now available on Netflix. Family program par excellence, from what age can the series be seen by children?


Recommended from 8 years old – Available on Netflix

Once upon a time : 6 teenagers are sent to a new adventure camp on Isla Nublar, but when the island’s dinosaurs wreak havoc, the campers find themselves stranded there. Cut off from the outside world, they must learn to get to know each other in order to survive.

What they will love: Dinosaurs of course! Jurassic World: La Colo du Cretaceous is a Netflix animated series, which follows on from the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films; This time it is neither adventurers nor paleontologists who are at the heart of the story, but children whose adventures we follow in the midst of the dinosaurs released after an incident caused the evacuation of the park.

Left to their own devices on Nublar Island, the children will first have to get to know each other: rivals at first, the six heroes will gradually forge bonds of friendship while their explorations will allow them to discover many hidden secrets. During their adventures, they will even bond with a young Ankylosaurus nicknamed ‘Little Bump’.

But there are also more dangerous dinosaurs. So, it will be through their ability to work as a team that the teens of the series will manage to get out of the most perilous situations, especially facing Tyrannosaurs Rex, Velociraptors, the Indominus Rex … and perhaps even species. never seen before!


What can worry: The series does not contain any bloody scenes, of course, but it should nevertheless be borne in mind that Jurassic World: The Cretaceous Colo features dinosaurs, and in particular carnivorous species. So no, none of the six heroes will end up as a T-Rex snack, but maybe some footage could prove difficult for the more impressionable young viewers to watch.

There are many nods in the series aimed at fans of the films. Jurassic Park. Children will not necessarily understand all the references, fortunately for the most part not essential to the plot.

But you may have to explain some details of the story to them, for example the design of dinosaurs from a sample of fossilized DNA (review the sequence with Mr. DNA from the first one). Jurassic Park might be a good idea) or the fact that some dinosaurs are mutant species created for the purposes of the movies Jurassic World.


What they will keep inside: Great values ​​such as teamwork, but also tolerance and solidarity. They may have nothing in common, the six heroes of Jurassic World: The Cretaceous Colo will nevertheless form a real team, despite the respective faults of each of them and in particular those of Kenji, a spoiled rotten teenager and very self-centered.

The adventures of the series will also be an opportunity to learn more about dinosaur species; A veritable well of science, the main character Darius – a “dinogeek” – does not hesitate to share his knowledge with the rest of the group.

Jurassic World: The Cretaceous Colo is also the best way to prepare your children to discover movies Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, when they are old enough to look at them. And what better way to discover the world of dinosaurs than to “go” in summer camp with intrepid children thirsty for discovery?

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