Jurassic Park: this character hacked another Spielberg movie!  - Cinema News

Jurassic Park: this character hacked another Spielberg movie! – Cinema News

As “Jurassic Park” airs tonight on TMC, we take a look back at Spielberg’s little nod to another of his films … sneakily watched by one of the characters.

In addition to knowing how to orchestrate the entire Jurassic Park computer system in a few clicks, the programmer Dennis Nedry (played by Wayne Knight in the Steven Spielberg film) would he also have the ability to illegally obtain certain cinema classics, at a time when the Internet is still in its infancy?

Knowing the character’s temperament and his penchant for fraud (he did not hesitate to steal dinosaur embryos for a large sum of money), it is in any case easy to imagine him as a hacker. Especially when you take a closer look at your computer screen.

As long as you press “pause” at exactly 43 minutes and 12 seconds from the feature film (broadcast this evening on TMC) and you have a good magnifying glass, you will indeed see that at this moment of the film, everything while driving the park visitors circuit, Dennis Nedry is watching … Les Dents de la Mer.

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In a small tab open on his left screen, we can indeed recognize the face of Roy Scheider, smoking his cigarette as the shark is about to show itself for the very first time in the film.

A particularly discreet nod from Steven Spielberg to one of his first films in which – already, and like Dennis Nedry later in Jurassic Park – the characters ended up between the hungry jaws of ravenous creatures.

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