Jurassic Park The Lost World: Did you notice Spielberg in the movie?  - Cinema News

Jurassic Park The Lost World: Did you notice Spielberg in the movie? – Cinema News

While the second installment of the famous “Jurassic Park” saga is now available on Netflix, we take a look at Steven Spielberg’s (almost) invisible cameo at the end of the film.

A guest of Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky, an inventor in Gremlins, a tax employee in The Blues Brothers, not to mention his own role in Austin Powers Goldmember … Steven Spielberg is a regular cameo, and invites himself to elsewhere occasionally in his own films.

This is particularly the case in the last minutes of Lost World (now available on Netflix). Its appearance is practically impossible to detect if you do not know where to look for it, but in the denouement of the feature film (at exactly 2:00:00 film), we can guess its silhouette – wearing his famous cap – in the reflection of television.

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Looking a little closer, we realize that the filmmaker is also sitting in the company of Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), Sarah Hardin (Julianne Moore) and Kelly (Vanessa Lee Chester), who are watching a report commenting on the return of the T-Rex and its cub on Isla Sorna.

The only other Spielberg cameo that can be noted among his own films is in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. In the intro sequence of the film (at 12:59), as Indy and his adventure companions get ready to take the plane, we can indeed see the director in a tourist costume, accompanied by George Lucas and producer Frank Marshall.

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