Jurassic Park: the 5 best scenes from the original trilogy

Jurassic Park the 5 best scenes from the original trilogy

The discovery of the brachiosaurs, the arrival of the T-Rex, the crossing of the tall grass … Back to our favorite scenes of “Jurassic Park” and the “Lost World”.


By inviting them to his island to collect their expert opinions, John Hammond is careful not to explain to his prestigious guests what the real nature of his park is. Like Spielberg with his spectators, the eccentric billionaire takes pleasure in marinating his audience for long minutes. After a helicopter ride and a Jeep ride, when no one expects it, he finally lifts the curtain on Jurassic Park … and the result is mind-blowing. As is often the case with Spielberg, it is first through the gaze of his characters that we discover the show.

Slowly, Alan Grant takes off his hat, slowly gets up from his seat, removes his sunglasses, puts his hand on Ellie Sattler’s head without ever taking his eyes off what he is looking at. In turn, the paleontologist stands up and admires, speechless … the very first dinosaur in the film (not to mention the raptor in the intro scene, which we did not fully see). Even if visually, the show has taken a little old age, its masterful orchestration makes it simply immortal.

Like Alan Grant, and even in 2021, the question we’re all dying to ask Mr. Spielberg at that time is: “How did you do ?” Through the mischievous gaze of John Hammond, the director then answers: “I will show you.”


Professor Alan Grant waited to see him to believe it. And U.S. too. After more than an hour of film, the main attraction of the show that we concocted Spielberg finally arrives on stage. Through the acting, the magic of the special effects and above all the virtuosity of the staging, the miracle can finally take place.

Even within the streak in question, Spielberg takes his time before revealing his trump card. Completely sure of himself as to the effect his T-Rex is about to produce on the public, he literally plays with the spectators, skilfully distils their every emotion, ensures that their adrenaline rush is at its peak. before releasing his precious dino on them.

A glass of water shaking on the foredeck, a bloodied goat’s leg on the windshield, a few electric cables violently torn off, a thunderclap, and the show can begin.


Extraordinarily realistic for the time, this scene which is still considered today as the “horrific” sequence of the film by Spielberg is undoubtedly the one which gave the most nightmares to the young spectators of 1993. For the first time of the feature film, the two children of Jurassic Park find themselves totally alone, without the presence of any adult to reassure them, left to fend for themselves in front of two velociraptors who intend to put their fangs on them.

Here again, the director takes his time to orchestrate this agonizing game of cat and mouse in the kitchens of the park. Under the counters, behind the worktops, in the cupboards … The camera and the spectator accompany, shivering, Lex and Tim’s desperate journey between the pots and pans. We jump at the slightest noise, we bite our lip at the same time as the characters when a ladle accidentally falls to the ground, we hold our breath … In short, we fight for our survival in the face of the formidable creatures of Phil Tippett.

Two monsters that the visual effects supervisor had originally portrayed Barbie dolls during a demo, before bringing them to life digitally. We can say that they have come a long way, the raptors …



Much shorter and condensed than the previous ones, this little sequence is rarely part of those that are instinctively cited when it comes to reviewing the great moments of the saga Jurassic Park. And yet … Its efficiency and its brilliant staging discoveries make it a tasty moment that we always take pleasure in savoring when we see Le Monde Perdu again.

On the menu of this delicious little candy: the captivating music of John Williams, a group of totally lost survivors, a field just waiting to be crossed, a wise recommendation totally ignored (“Don’t go in the tall grass”), and of course some velociraptors.

Dinner is served ! And this time, the spectator feasts with the dinos, the time of a sequence that will remind us from many points of view of the feast of a certain giant shark. Except this time around Spielberg decided to stage … the teeth of the earth.



What could possibly happen if one of the dinos Jurassic Park left his island and managed to reach the mainland? This question, we have certainly all asked ourselves the same day we discovered the film of Steven spielberg for the first time. At the end of his second opus, the director therefore decided to give us an answer, coupled with a tribute to another classic of the cinema: King Kong.

Like the giant monkey, stuck in the streets of New York, the T-Rex of Jurassic Park is found here unleashed in the heart of downtown San Diego. Visually splendid, and particularly inspiring, the scene serves as an apotheosis in the Lost World. A little taste, no doubt, of what awaits us in theaters on June 8, 2022, when all the dinosaurs of Jurassic World: The Next World will finally be free.