Jurassic Park III: Spielberg had another story in mind

Jurassic Park III: Spielberg had another story in mind

Aired tonight on TMC, the third installment of the “Jurassic Park” saga could have followed a plot significantly different from the one we know. Back to the initial pitch of the feature film, envisioned by Spielberg.

Aired tonight on TMC, the third installment of the famous Jurassic Park trilogy, sometimes considered by some fans as the ugly duckling of the saga, plunges us into the abandoned jungles of Isla Sorna, a secondary island that John Hammond used to raising his precious dinosaurs before they remind him of a basic truth: “Life always finds a way.”

After two first opus directed by Steven Spielberg, it is this time the turn of Joe Johnston (known for having directed Chérie, I narrowed the kids or Jumanji) to rub shoulders with the prehistoric behemoths.

The pitch of this new adventure is very simple: hired by a divorced couple to fly over Isla Sorna, the paleontologist Alan Grant (Sam Neill) finds himself recruited in spite of himself in a rescue mission which consists in finding a young boy of 12 years old, stranded on the island a few weeks earlier.

However, if we are to believe an old interview with Joe Johnston for the magazine Movieline (relayed by the archive site Wayback Machine and on IMDB), the plot of Jurassic Park III might have been noticeably different if the film had remained in Spielberg’s hands. Indeed, according to Johnston’s testimony, his predecessor had in mind a scenario quite distant from the one we know:

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“It was a pretty simple idea, and there isn’t much left of it.”, thus told Johnston. Steven’s idea was that the character of Sam Neill was found living on the island. He would have sneaked in after being refused to continue his research on dinosaurs, and would have lived there in a tree, like Robinson Crusoe. But I couldn’t imagine this guy wanting to go back to an island with dinosaurs after what happened in the first movie. “

The idea of ​​a castaway protagonist among the dinosaurs was eventually picked up indirectly in Jurassic Park III via the young Eric, but it is clear that Sam Neill inherited a completely different role in the story. Given the trauma that his character had experienced in 1993, we would indeed have been quite surprised to see him leave to settle in the middle of the raptors of his own accord.

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