Jurassic Park: how the film almost ended … [SPOILERS]

While “Jurassic Park” was broadcast last night on TF1, a look back at the alternative ending of the famous Steven Spielberg film, detailed on a series of storyboards.

Alan and the children flee into the jungle aboard a jeep ...

1. Alan and the children flee into the jungle aboard a jeep …

… and end up being blocked when a tree falls right in front of them.

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© Universal Pictures / Phil Tippett / Jurassic Time

SPOILERS – Attention, the article below reveals potential spoilers. If you do not wish to know the content, please do not read the following …

While waiting to discover Jurassic World: Dominion (currently being filmed) why not take a quick look in the rear view mirror (keeping in mind of course that “objects are always closer than they appear”) and come back to the memorable conclusion of the original Jurassic Park (broadcast yesterday evening on TF1)?

Indeed, according to a series of storyboards that had been unveiled on the Jurassic Time Facebook fan page, the end of the film could have been completely different from that which we had discovered at the cinema in 1993 … or a little later on the living room sofa.

In the official final sequence of Jurassic Park, Alan, Ellie and the two children, surrounded by velociraptors in the Park Visitors Center, were barely saved by the arrival of a T-Rex which diverted the attention of predators . While the dinosaurs devoured each other, the four survivors managed to reach the helicopter and leave the island unharmed.

Universal Pictures

However, as we can see in the storyboards, the helicopter departure almost experienced some turbulence …

Indeed, the alternative ending of the film showed Alan and the children aboard a jeep, rushing into the jungle to escape a T-Rex launched after them. As a tree collapsed in front of them, forcing them to get out of the car, they continued to run on foot and eventually reached the helicopter taking off. After hoisting the children inside, Alan managed to hang on in extremis. As the helicopter began to climb, the T-Rex’s mouth caught one of the skids, which eventually gave way, allowing passengers to leave the island.

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