Jurassic Park: do you know the name of the T-Rex?

The T-Rex of “Jurassic Park” has always been the most striking element for young viewers of Steven Spielberg’s film. But did you know that within the film crew, he had a real first name?

In the three Jurassic Park feature films released between 1993 and 2001, the T-Rex is not named. However, within the crew of the first film, he had been baptized by Phil Tippett, as evidenced by this storyboard drawn by him, on which he designated the tyrannosaurus as “Roberta”:

Jurassic park: do you know the name of the t-rex?

Phil tippett

A lucky chosen one was able to buy the lot of storyboards revealing that name for $ 600 during an auction, reclaiming some of the history of the Jurassic Park franchise. Click here to see the untrimmed storyboard. Obviously, it’s likely that only the film crew called the T-Rex by this name, especially since it’s not officially spoken in the movies. He is however “canon”, while waiting for a character to say the opposite in a film or a series linked to the saga.

Roberta could in any case be a consistent name, since as mentioned by geneticist Henry Wu (BD Wong) in Jurassic Park : “all [les dinosaures du parc] are females, we designed them that way “. Would “Roberta” have been scary enough for onlookers? Does this name, revealed in broad daylight, do not bring down the myth of the T-Rex from the feature films produced and sometimes directed by Steven Spielberg? It is perhaps better that the name “Roberta” remains for the moment in the state of storyboard. No offense, Phil.

Jurassic Park is currently available on Netflix. And Michel and Michel obviously noted some errors:

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